Changing Songs ,Next track and Previous tack

My problem is to change the songs. To play to the next song is running good, sometime is change immediatly and some time is need some seconds to change.
The big problem is to cahnge the previous songs. Somestimes it's work, but the most time the current songs begin new and begin new.
If i running no other app on my android device, it's work better. If i have a navigation app running in the background, it's not work.
The AAlinq App must get a higher priority by android or it must be running as device administrators. Perhaps is running better.
Or the app need a new options. If i want to play the previous song, the app want not to play the current song from begin, it play the previous song immediatly, by the first press on the radio.
I have a grom-usb3 and a nexus 7 (2012) in my car. The connections is over usb.
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