Doesn't update firmware?

Hi there

I use Grom USB3 on my BMW E83
I try to update firmware. I make all steps from manual. But then I try to check firmware version: remove usb while playing and press "1". I got "TR60". It's firmware v. 60? Latest bmw firmware is 80.
So. I didn't got update ?
  • Hi, yes it looks like the firmware did not go through.
    Check the following:
    1. You renamed the file correctly. gromusb2_bmw_80.hex --> gromusb2.hex
    Make sure not to use gromusb2.hex.hex 
    2. Make sure to carefully follow to the firmware update instructions, posted here:

    • Make sure you are renaming file correctly to gromusb2.hex and not gromusb2.hex.hex Check this out as this is mistakenly done all the time.
    • Try Using smaller Size USB stick 8GB and below.
    • Make sure the USB stick you are using is formatted FAT file system structure i.e. FAT32, FAT16 or FAT. /// NTFS and exFAT is not supported by the GROM.
    • Try using a different USB stick if one you are currently using is not working.
    • Make sure that the USB stick you are using to flash the firmware with is not empty. It should have at least one (1) folder with at least one (1) music file in it. This will help the GROM unit read the USB flash drive. How to set up USB flash drive to use with GROM
    • If you still cannot get it to work try to use the same USB flash drive you use to play music to flash the firmware.

  • format your USB stick in FAT32    4096bytes.  the 4k bytes is key.
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