VLINE VL2 Next generation is available for preorder!

Next generation of VLine VL2 is available for preorder now! With 3GB RAM the new unit will have better speed and boot time. Reserve yours today and save $135!

Preorder is for limited time only and will run until April 15th 3pm PST.

Drive happy and connected today!
  • Hi,
    I get the vline vl2 and I have some recomendation . I bought the vline vl2 and i tried it and i rate it 5 from 10 . There are some cons and pros . Cons are :
    1/ too much expensive
    2/ it doesnt give the expected solution .
    3/ about the interface : the buttons like back ,home,music,scroll ... take a large space from the screen ,so if it is possible to give us the choice to show ot or auto hide .
    4/ if i reverce the car i had to set up the screen all over again .
    5/ there are no settings to adjust the screen display and the touch screen setting .
    6/ i recommend to add Aux .
    7/ it gets hot fast .

    For pro point it is very fast and it has auto shutdown when i switch the car off .

    I really like the device but there are some points to make it better .
    And i really need solution

  • Thank you for your feedback and recommendations. 
    p.2 - what did you expect whne you ordered VLine?
    p.4 - not sure what exactly happens, can you please explain further? Do you need to press AUDIO button again, is that what you mean?
    p.5 - you can adjust screen brightness in the OEM factory settings. How do you want to adjust the touch settings?

  • I've been using the vl2 in my G37 after some initial install complications of my own doing, and so far I'm pretty happy with it.

    What I like:
    1. Android! I can finally replace that atrocious wince abortion Clarion produced that can't play mp3's in order to save its life, or load more than 255 directories.  F-Nissan for continuing to use that garbage!
    2. I was going to avoid the google play services using f-droid or apkpure, but found many apps just require gapp services (ring doorbell and torque pro come to mind).
    3. Installing whatever android apps lets me change up the players, and even add some of my automation apps to use while still in the car easily.
    4. Volume controls still work on steering wheel
    5. Support!  Dmitry has been helpful, even with some boneheadedness of mine reversing the connections between the AC unit and the nav.  He's also been receptive to bug fixes, so here's to hope it'll only improve with time.
    What I dont:
    1. Agree price is steep, but as the only real option out there, I'm ok with being a somewhat captive audience, as at least they bothered.  I've grown to despise the car for no other reason than the stereo in it, and this goes a way toward that.
    2. The factory head unit doesn't seem to index music, relying on scanning folders each time, which with a 128gb SD, even class10/u3, takes a while with 10k songs.  This is something most android player apps figured out long ago, please fix, or allow plugging in something like Kodi or PowerAmp.
    3. The unit doesn't like being started to acc, and then on/run, where it restarts the unit entirely with a brief interruption. I find it doesn't seem to output any sound after doing so, like something got caught in a race condition in the hardware switch over integration.  I've had to stop the car, wait a few minutes, and restart it entirely to work again, and even this wasn't always concrete.  Any sort of interruption definitely seems to break it, hopefully a bug that can be fixed.
    4. The buttons near the edge of the screen are very hard to get to react to the resistive touch display in the g37.  Often I have to try repeatedly to hit home, or back in apps, even trying to hit the button options in the main launcher to replace/remove app shortcuts take me several tries, quickly becoming infuriating doing a lot.
    5. The OK button doesn't work, clicking like a mouse vs. actually pushing the button in focus.  Already reported and told a fix is forthcoming, but right now a bit frustrating.
    6. Phone integration I'm still confused with so far.  I don't seem to get any sort of real phone function to dial from the vl2 vs. the infiniti, which begs a bit the question of why there is a mic other than other app voice functions.  Not sure entirely the intention with phone support...
    7. The up/down/enter on the steering wheel didn't seem to do anything.  I'd hope they'd at least act as an up/down/enter to scroll through touch features of the on-screen app, but doesn't seem to.  Haven't tried the phone or other steering wheel buttons, but at least volume still works...
    8. Trying different media players like PowerAmp or Kodi even don't provide any feedback mechanism to the main car launcher app and/or plugins for audio feedback to be a true replacement in the VL2.  Using them individually worked just fine, but the launcher shell controls won't work with them, rather starting it's own player and confusing things it seemed.  Might be nice if the vl2 launcher shell could talk to foreign players via android api's for universal cross-app controls, as android seems always able to stop/start,ff,rw, etc at the os level, particularly for bluetooth integrations
    9. The unit gets super hot, particularly in 110F temps in Phoenix here, which the unit has already once gone unresponsive after being parked outside once on start.  Not sure if this is related, but it was definitely misbehaving until powered off over night to cool down, and not been driving in the sun since.
    10. Needing to install a separate microphone and gps nav is a bit annoying, seems the in-car units could be teed-off and used, particularly gps that is just unidirectional RF.  Seems a bit of a half-measure, and don't like the giant gps nub sitting on my dash, even in the passenger corner.  I haven't installed the mic, yet.
    There is definitely a lot of dislikes, but they are at least at this time offset by joy of simply not having to use WinCE-based garbage players like the factory clarion setup.  That alone I'm willing to deal with the negatives, and the fact I can install any apps makes the sting of some of the downsides less.  

    I'm am bit worried it's going to fry in the sun here, I'll find out quick in the rest of the august and september summer here as plenty of 110F+ weather still on tap.

    I would kill for a capacitive touch overlay for this thing.  The g37 tough might be the bane of android.

    Cheers, and thanks for making android an option at all for wayward g37 owners that also hate their stock media player.
  • Mike, Thanks for the review with your likes, fears and suggestions. I should have my VL2 shortly, so it helped set my expectation. From what I’ve read elsewhere it is basically a VL1, without the sluggishness. I do hope they can keep the speed and improve on the interface and features going forward.
  • I find mine is still a bit sluggish with perceptible displays when trying to move about applications.  The hardware spec isn't half bad, as I've used some mali-based devices, seems it's just not optimized adequately.  The display resolution is low enough I can't imagine the gpu having a problem, moreso their launcher isn't utilizing resources properly causing the io hangs.

    I sometimes can't tell if I'm trying to touch/swipe something on the display if it's the crap resistive touch fighting me, or the deck hanging.  I find it's somewhat equal and a crapshoot to annoy me.  

    I've half a mind to try using nova launcher with a more default android approach.  So far the music player is less than impressive, and the launcher itself doesn't add a lot since I don't use spotify, google play, or most anything else they have built plugins for to get better integration.  I'd rather they use a better media player like PowerAmp or Kodi and save the effort of recreating yet another wheel vs. just a plugin.

    Media is such a basic function within android and the user-land applications, it would seem it should be easier to integrate more 3rd party apps.
  • Another thing, the manual states the HDMI Out on the VL2 isn't usable, but the specfifications posted in the other VL2 thread states that it can be used with another monitor like a back seat headrest display... Which actually is it?  It might be fun to tinker with a second display, if android is built on the vl2 to support it.  I'm sure if using in a lexus or something built for moving kids, it might be much appreciated.

    Again, Kodi plugin please for movie playing on a second screen let alone a solid music player (that indexes!).  :)
  • Hi Mike,
    Thank you for your feedback!

    2. Currently the new version is out and will be available via update. It should fix all the issues

    3. Please make sure you use all latest firmwares. Check Settings->About->VLine System Updates

    4. Send us pics of buttons in questions, we will make sure they are reachable without issues

    5. It is fixed in newest version, will be available shortly

    6. There is no phone (Hands Free) connection supported by VLine2

    7. It is fixed in newest version, will be available shortly

    8. External apps are hard to integrate with so we will make sure our plugins are working in simplest and most convenient way possible

    9. All metal parts in car get hot, VLine should not misbehave because of heat. If you keep experiencing troubles, let us know.

    10. We wanted to make sure that all factory functions remain intact so you can still use factory nav or voice operations as usual.

  • Just wanted to update after some use over time.

    I'm happier with the 3rd party app integration, as I'm finding most seem to behave decently, and have found poweramp to be the best for use so far. It starts and stops with the car, and behaves decently with the music integration. Using the buttons or steering wheel doesn't work so well with it, particularly so when the enter button is still broken.

    I do find using with Waze, voice traffic queues will turn down the music, and sometimes not turn it back up. This means the audio stays quieted until another audio queue that hopefully fixes it.

    Waze is also a bit buggy, and tends to crash oddly whenever I get within a few miles of my destination. Not fun leaving me blind if I really don't know where I'm going.

    The UI really needs a time indicator somehwere... Using Poweramp with no native time display, I don't have any idea the time in the car. I can't trust the stupid analog clock in the dash as it's always drifted, and otherwise have to enable the speedometer clock, which is equally painful to setup and keep accurate.

    I added some customization in extending the antenna for wifi up the pillar and mounting at the top of the windshield with a surface mount sma connection and extension cable so it connects better to my home wifi further away in my driveway vs being tucked in the glove box. Amazon has the parts, just look for SMA connector extensions, and make sure not RP-SMA!

    So far heat hasn't been an issue with it even in the AZ summer, this is excellent as this was an initial fear.

    I don't run a lot of persistent apps, but do use my Ring doorbell and my samsung automation with it with decent success

    I setup tasker on my phone to turn on wifi once it connects to bluetooth in the car for on-going tethering.

    We do need a fix for the navigation buttons however still - any update on this?

    The lack of direct phone integration isn't too bad, but I would prefer if the grom would switch the video input upon a call if possible to see call information. I should see if there is an integration to show call data on another local android device since my phone is usually tethered to it anyways with tasker.

    All in all, I'm pretty happy, particularly after tuning Poweramp settings some. It has made me actually hate my car far less not having to deal with the stock infinity crap mp3 player, plus it sounds far better since it's able to play flac and better formats as well!

    It might be worth seeing if I can shoehorn an amp and some new speakers in my 'vert finally not despising the stock stereo.

    Thanks again for making this for us bastard g37 owners Grom!
  • Hello,
    Is it possible to inform us of the new subject amendments that we explained before, because it is necessary for me and very important,
    It saddens me to pay a large amount on this device and do not get the support and the amendments that I ask,
    We are waiting for the release of Android 7.1, which you promised us will be available in September 2018,
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