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Grom no longer working consistently

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  • Grom no longer working consistently

    I have had the BT3 Bluetooth car kit in my 2006 Lexus LS 430 for about three years now and for the most part it has worked well. Upon plugging in my phone the stereo would announce USB and allow me to play music/charge my phone. The last few months the Grom will randomly not recognize or pick up anything when I plug my phone in or try to connect through blue tooth. When I try to activate the emulator through the DISC option on my stereo it will say no CD. Is the Grom starting to get old and fail? This is very disappointing.

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    If it is saying no CD, it means the stereo does not see the unit anymore. You might want to change the cable that goes to the back of the stereo, or change the unit itself. Check our replacement sections here:

    and the cable that goes to the back of your stereo can be found here: