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Audio levels different for music and phone

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  • Audio levels different for music and phone

    While using my vl2 with wireless CarPlay in a new install, everything mostly works well but the audio volume for music is very different than calls. It is much lower on calls. On a store bought unit in a different car I am able to vary the volume level for each source. How do I level these with the Grom?

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    Check on your phone during the phone call, and see if the audio is all the way up.

    What is your car make/model/year?


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      That’s the interesting thing about the audio level on the phone. With other CarPlay stereos I can see the audio level but with the Grom I do not see audio levels and have no ability to change the audio level. The volume slider shows on the phone if I look at it on the Home Screen or in an app but it is grey and not adjustable. It is fixed; meaning it is not changeable.

      I have an 03 Lexus LX470
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        Please check these 2 sliders in the Settings:
        1. Settings -> Sounds -> Media Volume (should be all the way up)
        2. GROM CarPlay App Settings -> Media Volume (should be all the way up)

        To get to the GROM CarPlay App Settings, you will need to open the CarPlay app while it's greyed out (no phone connected) or open CarPlay and click the GROM App.

        If you are still experiencing a major difference in the phone call volume, there is an open ticket with the developers to create a volume slider section for multiple things in CarPlay including Siri, Phone Calls, and Music.