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2014 Acura MDX Tech with Navigation Reverse Wire

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  • 2014 Acura MDX Tech with Navigation Reverse Wire

    Could use some help on locating the correct reverse connector and wire on my 2014 MDX tech with navigation. I tried to follow the guidance included with the Vline2 unit and ended up with my car not running due to a blown meter fuse. It took me hours to troubleshoot and was able to find people with similar issues via an internet search that led me to the meter fuse on the inside driver fuse box. I almost had the car towed to the dealer for repair. Because of this I'm hesitant to try again but would really like the backup camera to work when in Vline mode. I was hoping someone might have a picture or diagram of the location of the 24-pin connector on the back of the radio along with the location of the reverse wire within the connector. I see a post for a similar problem but for a 2015 RDX which I think is different. Any guidance is appreciated.

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	2014 Acura MDX - Reverse Wire location.png
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ID:	508Here is a photo showing the location of the reverse wire. It should be a brown wire in pin location 24 of the 24 pin harness.

    You can measure the DC Voltage on the wire if you have a multimeter or test light:
    In Reverse - Should show 12V DC
    In Park, Neutral , or Drive - Should show 0V DC

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      Thanks for providing this. It is exactly what I needed. I gave it another try this afternoon and was successful. The backup camera is now working. Your diagrams are correct for the 2014 MDX with Navigation. The diagram of the connectors on the back of the radio are very helpful. It would be good to include this in the installation documentation showing the exact connector that needs to be modified.