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Grom Vline black screen.

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  • Grom Vline black screen.

    Had an issue with my grom, and getting the black screen and A/C messing up. Tried to install the drivers according to Still a no go. Put the wiring back to stock to check to see if it was the OE navi unit, and it works fine. All the wiring appears to be ok, but I haven't tested them yet. Submitted a support ticket but haven't heard anything back. Help would be appreciated.

    This is all on an 08 Lexus ISF.

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    The installation to 08 Lexus ISF is straight forward, so there should be no issues with it. Please PM us your email address or ticket number, we will check with the technical team to make sure we received your request.
    Also check the spam folder for our reply, sometimes our emails end up in the spam.