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Vline Issues after latest update

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  • Vline Issues after latest update

    I recently (2 days ago) updated my VLINE version and firmware. It had been awhile since doing so. I was hoping the update would clean up some issues I'm having in my 2012 Acura MDX when the screen shuts off after a few seconds when my VLINE loads up. After updating both firmware and vline all screens (even the VLINE "start" screen" take on a greenish yellowish tint. And many of my functions are now not operating correctly. Most fnctionality is still there but some just aren't "right". I tried to reboot a few times now and have let the system run on a few drives now and it is still discolored looking and not operating well. I am using a Pixel 2, 2012 Aucura MDX, latest Vcore V20VL3.49.0.0 and VBase 7.34 (L22). I hope that helps. The other thing I am noticing is the screen looking shakey (jittery) at times as well and very noticeable on back-up camera. It is not a mater of a bad connection or something flawed since the system looked and acted pretty normal seconds before both of the updates. I hope you can help. Thanks!

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    One additional note I am connected via USB c cable (always) and not BT if that factors in.


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      Can we check the stickers at the back of the VL2 unit ? When did you purchase your VLine ?


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        I bought in Jan 2019 during initial presale. I will attach the only sticker pic I could see.

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      Attaching the only image I could find


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        Please open the technical ticket at Our technical will be able to help you.