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GROM Audio Newsletter
GROM Audio Newsletter
GROM Audio Newsletter
GROM Audio Newsletter
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Romance is in the air!  This month, we are bringing you some fun things that will surely create an atmosphere of love.  Take a little GROMmance with you.
GROM Audio Newsletter
In this Issue, you will find:
GROM Audio Newsletter
VLine Infotainment System for Lexus Gen6 Presale
GROM Audio Newsletter Car Infotainment VLine
Our latest and greatest VLine for select Lexus Gen6 is available now for pre-sale.  VLine for Gen6 Lexus Stereo (LEX6VL1) is compatible with:
  • Lexus ES 350 2010-2012 (Navi)
  • Lexus GS 350/450H/460 2010-2011 (Navi)
  • Lexus IS 250/350/F/C 2010-2012 (Navi)
VLine Infotainment System gives you a connected car experience - much like "CarPlay" - where you can access integrated apps like Spotify, Web Radio, Google  maps all within the touch of your car stereo screen. Using our DashlinQ platform and integrated internet connectivity, VLine provides a seamless all-inclusive system for your car. Whether it is listening to music or using GPS, VLine will sure to create the safest and easiest driving experience for you.
GROM Audio Newsletter
2016 Music Tribute GIVEAWAY
GROM Audio Newsletter Music Giveaway
We are having a giveaway!  What can we say?  We love music.  In tribute of all the greatest hits from 2016, we are compiling a playlist of your favorite songs last year. Click on link below for details.

Winners will win an Amazon eGift card.  All participants will receive a special discount to our store.
GROM Audio Newsletter
BLOG: Cars and Personalities
GROM Audio Newsletter Cars Personalities
Our latest blog explores how our personalities can reflect what cars and even the colors of the car we choose.  Find out how your personality might have affected the selection process of the car that you own today.
GROM Audio Newsletter
GROM Audio Newsletter VLine Infotainment System Usage
VLine Infotainment System:
Spotify Plugin Demo

Ever wondered if you can enjoy Spotify Radio via your car stereo?  It is now possible with GROM VLine Infotainment system.  You can get "CarPlay" and "Android Auto" like experience in your vehicle.

Watch Hereplaylist
GROM Audio Newsletter
GROM Audio Newsletter Music Playlist
Valentine's Is in the Air

Did we mention we love music?  And with all the love songs in the air, we are giving our due diligence to bringing you our very own "GROMmantic" playlist via Spotify.  Be sure to follow us so you can play it anywhere, anytime!

Listen Here

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