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GROM Audio Newsletter
VLine Infotainment System: Pre-Sale and BETA
GROM Audio Newsletter VLine Infotainment System Usage
VLine Infotainment System
Don't Miss VLine for Lexus Gen 6 Stereos - Pre Sale!

VLine for select Lexus Gen 6 stereos is on pre-sale with $200 off. Compatible with Navigation stereos in Lexus ES 350 and IS 250/350/F/C 2010-2012, VLine infotainment system will bring the latest connected car technology, maps and music apps into the Lexus dashboard.

Check out if VLine infotainment system is compatible with you stereo.
Calling VLine BETA Testers for Nissan/Infiniti and Toyota/Scion!
As we continue the development of our flagship VLine Connected Car Infotainment System, we are launching beta-testing for select Nissan/Infiniti and Toyota/Scion (with Harman Kardon) vehicles. 

If you reside in San Francisco Bay Area, and are able to visit our Research and Development, and if your vehicle is on the VLine BETA test list for Nissan/Infiniti or Toyota/Scion - contact us today!
Wirelinq: Car USB Converter Cable for Android Users
First on the market, Wirelinq is a smart USB to Micro USB/USB-C cable for the Android user. Connecting to the car USB port and your Android phone, Wirelinq fully integrates your phone to the car stereo system for music, controls, and charging. 

With micro USB connector cable shipping out this month, make sure you take advantage of the pre-sale pricing now.
Wirelinq Android USB Car Connect
Wirelinq: Smart Converter Cable
Wirelinq USB-C Demo
Watch USB-C Demo
USB-C Prototype Is HERE!

We are excited to announce that our USB-C Prototype has arrived.  The testings have been successful so far.  We are very close to production.
BLOG: Exploring Music Genres
Music Playlist Records
Music has always been a source of inspiration for us here at GROM.  As such, we have started a blog series that explores the many different facets of the music genres. Beginning this month, we will bring to you a music genre along with a music playlist that will delight your car stereo as you are on the road.
Music Jazz
Landscape of Jazz

In February, we highlighted Jazz.  Jazz has its origins from the 20th Century New Orleans with dance and brass marching bands bringing together cultures of the time.

Listen to Jazz Playlist Here via Spotify

GROM Audio Newsletter Music Genre Reggae
Reggae from Ska to Dancehall

Reggae is a music defined by not ohnly its nation of origin, but also the them of the songs and the culture revolving around it.

GROM Audio NewsletterAuto Tech News

5 things you might have missed in the month of February in the world of mobile device innovation and car technology.

GROM Audio Newsletter
New Installs
VLine install into Lexus RX350 400h:
Scion XB Car stereo removal and GROM car kit install:
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