Toyota users rejoice - VLine VL2 Infotainment and Navigation Upgrade System is coming to select Toyota 2012-2018 stereos with Entune 2.0. Keep reading to learn more about upcoming beta-testing and early pre-order programs, and watch the teaser demo.
VLine VL2 Infotainment and Navigation System is coming to select Toyota and Scion
VLine Navigation and Infotainment Upgrade System seamlessly integrates into the factory Toyota Entune 2.0 stereo system and display with plug-and-play connections.

1. Google and Waze maps directly on the car stereo display (other maps such as Sygic, Here, iGo Navigation can also be installed);

2. Build-in plugins for music streaming from Spotify, Google Music, Web Radio, Local (stored on the device) music; Pandora coming soon!

3. Any other apps available at Google Play Market (including Apple music and others);

4. Voice assistant to start Navigation or to lookup the music;

5. Bluetooth music streaming, phone mirroring via HDMI.

and much more. Preliminary compatibility list include:

Toyota vehicles:
2014-2018 4Runner (Touchscreen)
2013-2018 Avalon (Touchscreen)
2012-2017 Camry/Camry Hybrid (Touchscreen)
2012-2016 Corolla (Touchscreen)
2017-2018 Corolla iM (Touchscreen)
2013-2018 Highlander/Highlander Hybrid (Touchscreen)
2013 Matrix (Touchscreen)
2012-2018 Prius (Touchscreen)
2012-2016 Prius C (Touchscreen)
2012-2015 Prius Plug-in (Touchscreen)
2013-2018 Rav4 (Touchscreen)
2013-2017 Sequoia (Touchscreen)
2015-2016 Sienna (Touchscreen)
2013-2018 Tacoma (Touchscreen)
2014-2017 Tundra (Touchscreen)
2015-2017 Yaris (Touchscreen)

Scion vehicles:
2014-2016 FR-S (Touchscreen)
2014-2015 iQ (Touchscreen)
2014-2015 xB (Touchscreen)
2014 xD (Touchscreen)
2014-2016 tC (Touchscreen)
2016 iM (Touchscreen)

Bay Area residents and owners of above mentioned Toyota and Scion vehicles - come to participate in VLine VL2 for Toyota beta-testing. Apply here >>>

Pre-order Announcement

Pre-order will start middle April, stay tuned for our announcements.

VLite (VLine Lite) Mirroring Kit is shipping
next week
We are shipping VLite (VLine Lite) smartphone mirroring kit starting week of March 25th. Highlights include:

  • Smartphone mirroring to your car stereo for iPhone and Android;
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming with integrated controls and text / cover art display;
  • Backup / front facing camera integration;
  • Build-in GROM plugins for Spotify, Web Radio and Local (USB) music;
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