GROM Audio Set to Participate in AutoTech's Developer Challenge

GROM Set to Participate in AutoTech's Developer Challenge

Sep 23, 2014

Belmont, CA GROM Audio will sponsor AutoTech Council's annual Developer Challenge, where the aftermarket audio company will reveal its newest platform for car-specific application development.

As one of the Bay Area's leading designers and manufacturers of aftermarket car audio solutions, GROM Audio is proud to be one of the newest sponsors of AutoTech's Developer Challenge. As the goal of the AutoTech Council, this event continues to foster innovation within the auto industry, helping facilitate faster change to benefit the automotive industry as a whole. Through this interactive competition the Developer Challenge seeks to support the auto development community by finding new endeavors through gathering the skills of third party developers from around Silicon Valley.

As one of those third party developers, GROM Audio will partake in the challenge, while showcasing its team of talented developers and engineers. Set to take place, October 10th & 11th (Friday/Saturday), the Developer Challenge will be a competition format which will give contestants the opportunity to engage with potential partners, customers and car-tech enthusiasts. This preselected group of developers, are leaders within the connected-car application field and have the potential to create the next great auto industry innovation.

The AutoTech Council is known as a group of visionary companies and individuals within the auto industry seeking build partnerships, exchange insight and discover untapped innovation to better the constantly changing car industry. With the vast capacity of technology growing everyday, the auto industry has seen major changes and the AutoTech Council strives to bring together institutions and individuals who attempt to make the latest technology accessible to the entire auto supply chain.

Gearing up for its first showing at the Developer Challenge, GROM Audio will showcase its own latest concept, the VLine, while also participating in the hackathon. GROM's VLine aftermarket infotainment solution, provides drivers with outdated in-car technology with the latest in car-connectivity. In an effort to supply current drivers with solutions to their in-car infotainment wants and needs, GROM Audio strives to provide affordable solutions instead of costly overhauls.

The event will kick-off on Friday with the October AutoTech Council meeting, which will begin with a discussion of the industry's current unmet needs. After receiving feedback on consumers latest needs, developers will begin the 2-day challenge. AutoTech Council members will judge, award and distribute prizes upon the end of the hackathon.

When: October 10th : 8:30AM-1:00PM, October 11th : 8:30AM-1:00PM

Where: Prospect Silicon Valley : 1608 Las Plumas Ave, San Jose, California

More information: at Autotech Callenge website