GROM Audio Enters the Era of HD Radio® with GROM-HDR1 Dongle

GROM Releases HDR1 - new HD Radio Dongle

October 20, 2015

Belmont, CA GROM Audio today announced the pre-order for its HD Radio® Dongle. The HD Radio dongle device (GROM-HDR1) is being released as an HD Radio® upgrade for the select GROM aftermarket integrated car kit products. It plugs into these car audio integration kits and extends their features and quality with HD Radio® receiver capability.
The dongle will retail for a suggested $89.99.

The GROM-HDR1 Dongle is a high definition Radio Tuning Device. As market reviews of this product suggest, this device promises to deliver the ultimate listening experience by offering static-free, crystal-clear audio from FM stations. It will add digital FM reception from more than 2,000 HD Radio stations and access HD2, HD3, and HD4 channels broadcast by any of those stations.

Standard analog radios simply cannot match up to the unique features provided by this device. "HD Radio® Technology will take your radio to another level," as reported by a GROM Audio representative at the 2015 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES), "With over 2000 HD Radio® stations broadcasting nationally, there's a good chance you'll find one or more in your area."

The dongle radio device plugs to the extension port of GROM car audio integration system and allows users to control their media with the steering wheel as well as the car stereo controls. Moreover, all these features will be available without any subscription fees or contracts. The new GROM-HDR1 HD Radio® Dongle target ship date is October 28th 2015. It is currently available for the pre-order at GROM Audio website. The company released the video tutorial of its HD Radio® Dongle in the Lexus vehicle.

GROM Audio is proud of its partnership with iBiquity Inc, the proprietor of HD Radio® technology. With its aftermarket car audio integration kits combined with GROM-HDR1 Dongle, the company is promising to deliver the HD Radio® capabilities to the owners of more than 30 car makes within US.

About GROM Audio:
GROM Audio is the producer of high quality car audio electronic accessories. The company manufactures devices for the integration of mobile hand held electronics into OEM car stereo systems. The GROM Audio product line includes USB MP3 adapter kits, Android® Smartphone, iPod®/iPhone®, and Bluetooth® Hands Free adapter kits for many cars. The company's innovative products include the industry first Android Smartphone Car Integration. More information is available at website

About iBiquity Digital Corporation and HD Radio®:
iBiquity Digital Corporation has created HD Radio® Technology to bring AM and FM radio into the digital 21st century. HD Radio® technology is a digital radio standard developed by iBiquity Digital and recognized by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). HD Radio® is the registered trademark and property of iBiquity, Inc. More about HD Radio Tehcnology.