GROM released new USB3 kit that offers support to Apple devices

October 7, 2014

Belmont, CA GROM Audio released its newest aftermarket audio adapter the GROM-USB3, an easy-to-use adapter that will transform Apple and Android user's vehicles into mobile media centers. Giving drivers the ability to connect the plethora of smart-devices they may own, including products such as Android-operated devices and iPhone/iPad/iPod, this aftermarket solution provides consumers with music playback and crystal clear sound quality through the factory car stereo. This improved USB3 car kit, replaces GROM's former GROM-USB2P, giving drivers all the same features, better seamless integration and more.

Through the direct-connection of the standard Apple or Android USB cable, drivers can effortlessly link their smartphone through the GROM-USB3 to sync their device with their factory car stereo. With no extra cables, meaning no extra waste, GROM has designed a product that makes the integration process seamless. Supplying drivers with the power to utilize applications stored on their smart-device such as navigation, business look up, music streaming, etc, the GROM-USB3 adapter will transform outdated sound systems into your on-the-go computer.

Using the USB input on the GROM device, drivers can connect the USB3 easily and secure the GROM device with the latch-style connectors provided upon shipment. Known for their easy installs, GROM only aftermarket solution to give new iPhone 6 users an in-car solution, so they can have technology where ever they go!

Giving drivers the ability to feel safe and connected is GROM Audio's top priority, therefore, like the majority of GROM's products this aftermarket car adapter has available add-ons for more features and more safety. Connect GROM's Bluetooth Dongle (sold separately for $49.99) for wireless connectivity, hands-free calling, and voice control, allowing drivers to always keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Need to charge your second phone while your on the way to work? Add GROM's auxiliary input 3.5mm connection with GROM's vehicle specific cables (sold separately $14.99) for an additional USB port and 5V charging!

GROM Audio will sell the GROM-USB2P audio adapter through October 2014, before transitioning to the USB3 kit entirely.