Wirelinq Smart Android USB Type-C Car Converter Cable

Distinctive functionality

Distinctive functionality

USB Type-C, 4FT (120cm)

Integrates Android to car stereo

Music, text display

Integrated controls and charging


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Magnetic Smartphone iPhone Car Vent Mount Holder

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Compatible with most vehicles 2009 and up that have USB port supporting the iPhone with the Lightning cable*, and with the Android phones with OS system 4.1 and up.

Wirelinq is a Smart Android USB Cable converter that allows for the easy integration of Android phone to the car stereo in most vehicles manufactured in 2009 and up.

Connected to the USB port of the vehicle car stereo, it allows for the full integration of music, text, titles, controls via car stereo and steering wheel buttons, and browsing of the music via car stereo touch screen. The device will also charge the phone while in use.

Wirelinq has a smart chip with GROM proprietary algorithm inside its USB connector. Using Android Open Accessory 2.0 (AOA 2.0) protocol, available on all Android phones with OS system 4.1 and newer, Wirelinq enables your phone to communicate to the car stereo easily. As a result of such “handshake,” your stereo can play the music directly from your phone and display the text, titles, and cover art no matter where the music is streamed or stored on your device.
*Note that USB port in your car should support iPhone via regular USB to Lightning cable. If the port supports iPhone with the "special" cable from vehicle manufacturer, Wirelinq will not work.

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Wirelinq MicroUSB Android Converter Cable

Wirelinq MicroUSB Android Converter Cable

Infiniti EX35 2011-2013 (IPOD ready stereo)
Infiniti FX35/45/50 2011-2013 (IPOD ready stereo)
Infiniti G35/35S Coupe 2010-2013 (IPOD ready stereo)
Infiniti G35/35S Sedan 2010-2013 (IPOD ready stereo)
Infiniti M35/M45 2011-2013 (IPOD ready stereo)
Infiniti Q60 2014-2015 (IPOD ready stereo)
Infiniti Q70 2014-2016 (IPOD ready stereo)
Infiniti QX56 2011-2013 (IPOD ready stereo)
Infiniti QX50/QX60/QX70/QX80 2014-2016 (IPOD ready stereo)
Nissan Altima 2010-2012 (CAT/SAT imprinted on stereo, no nav, sedan only)
Nissan Altima 2010-2013 (CAT/SAT imprinted on stereo, no nav, coupe only)
Nissan Armada 2013-2015 (IPOD ready stereo)
Nissan GT-R 2011-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Nissan Maxima 2010-2014 (IPOD ready stereo)
Nissan Murano 2011-2014 (IPOD ready stereo)
Nissan Pathfinder 2013-2016 (IPOD ready stereo)
Nissan Quest 2011-2016 (IPOD ready stereo)
Nissan Z Coupe/Roadster 2010-2016 (IPOD ready stereo)
Toyota 4 Runner 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Toyota Avalon 2013-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Toyota Camry 2013-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Toyota Celica 2013-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Toyota Corolla 2012-2012 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Toyota Corolla 2013-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2012-2012 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2013-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Volvo S40 2013-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Volvo C30 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Volvo V50 2013-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Volvo C70 2013-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Volvo XC70 2010-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
Volvo XC90 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Bettle 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW CC 2013-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW EOS 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Golf/R32/GTI/Rabbit 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Jetta 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Passat 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Polo V 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Scirocco 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Sharan 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Tiguan 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Touareg 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Touran 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
VW Transporter 2014-2016 (USB IPOD ready stereo)
GROM Wirelinq cable USB Type-C Connector, 4FT
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