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  • Lack of communication

    I ordered the VL2 on 6/15/21. I have not received the unit and your website provides NO information about the shipment status.

    Additionally, I have sent two message to support without any response.

    Can someone please contact me ASAP or provide me some way to determine the status of the order I placed?

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for your order with GROM Audio. Please PM us your email address that was used to place an order, we will check the order status and get back to you.


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      I'm having the same issue- ordered 6/17 but haven't received any info about shipment-


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        Just want to update anyone that's reading this topic/forum. Grom just created a label for me. I'll keep you posted on the progress here.


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          Thank you for letting us know. If you ordered on 17th, the product should be shipped already. We had a backorder until 6/25, and after that date we started processing all orders.


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            Just an update- My unit shipped on Friday and I received it on Tuesday, 7/6. Working on installing the unit, but having issues with the backup camera wire as the instructions aren't clear. Contacted Grom for support. This will be my last update on this thread.


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              Please refer to the manual here:

              You need to locate the reverse wire on the vehicle's stereo main harness.

              IMPORTANT: It is always best to test this wire before tapping to make sure it is the REVERSE wire and not something else. The reverse wire in the vehicle will show 12 volts when the gear selector is in the R position and 0 volts when in any other gear position.