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GROM kit not working

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  • GROM kit not working

    I bought a GROM BT3 kit to go in my 2003 shogun
    first time i plugged it in i got nothing. press CD and nothing happened.
    the yellow wire is connected to a permanent 12v feed. the red LED on the board lights when the power is applied to the stereo
    unplugged it from the stereo, plugged the cd changer in, pressed cd, display said no disc
    unplugged CD changer, plugged in grom box, E on the display.
    power cycled the unit and it came to life, I was able to get aidio from the phone through the speakers and make a phone call through the unit however the volume control did nothing and none of the buttons on the stereo have any control over the phone.
    After a few power cycles i then got muffled sound from the unit
    then nothing.
    it now doesn't connect again. I have removed it from the car

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    1. Check to make sure that the volume on the phone is all the way up when in Bluetooth mode (connected to Bluetooth).
    2. Restart the phone
    3. Cycle the car's ignition

    If that will not help, contact our technical team at They will provide the assistance.