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Music playback not resuming after park assist detected an obstacle.

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  • Music playback not resuming after park assist detected an obstacle.

    If listening to the music while in reverse and PARK ASSIST on, the player pauses itself when detecting an obstacle, and then doesn't resume the playback. It is not consistent thou. Sometimes it does resume it, but most of the time it doesn't. The same thing applies to the integrated into the car phone: if someone would call the car's number - the music will be paused and the resume process then becomes absolutely random.

    I'm not sure if this is a common issue or it's only me, but it's frustrating, especially when the phone is in my pocket or the backpack, as the music starts automatically when my phone connects to the GROM BT3 device.

    The player I'm usually using is the Spotify Android app, but I've tried different apps, and it seems that every app behaves the same way. I didn't try the iPhone, can't tell anything about the behavior on that OS, but I doubt it has something to do with the phone.

    The car is a 2006 Volvo S80 (Mk. I) with an HU-650 Head Unit (It does have a phone and navigation too).

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    The player is pauses itself because the stereo while in park assist has an announce regarding to the obstacle, and pushes the notification through the vehicle stereo system. Ideally once the car "stopped talking" the music should un-pause, but it also depends on the phone. Try with the iPhone and see if it will be the same.