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2008 BMW Z4 Strange Behavior

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  • 2008 BMW Z4 Strange Behavior

    My GROM unit has completely changed the way my radio buttons work. I have to press "mode" 8 or so times to get to AUX. While listening via Bluetooth, the radio will start playing randomly. I then try to cycle through the different mode settings to find the GROM again. The CD selection would switch to AUX without me pressing anything and I would have to press mode several times to cycle away from that. Sometimes I would have to pause my music then click play for the sound to work. A couple of times my power button would change from radio to AUX when pressing to turn off.

    Is there a master reset button on my GROM or some sort of update? Has anyone else experienced this?

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    This is strange. Can you please let us know if you installed the GROM-BT3 Bluetooth car kit at the back of the stereo, or at the CD changer connection in the trunk? Can you please also let us know if you have external CD changer?

    If you installed the GROM-BT3 car kit for BMW behind the radio, you need to make sure that external CD changer is disconnected.

    If you installed the GROM-BT3 car kit for BMW in the trunk, at the CD changer location, please make sure that you bring the BT3 unit all the way inside the vehicle. The C-BMWT cable that connects the GROM-BT3 Bluetooth module with the CD changer port is long enough to be able to bring the device to the front of the vehicle.

    Thank you.