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Make sure to correctly connect REV wire on HON3VL2 VLine system

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  • Make sure to correctly connect REV wire on HON3VL2 VLine system

    There is a single purple colored REV wire on MCFHA3 interface cable that comes with HON3VL2 VLine system. Make sure that you properly connect it to the reverse wire on the original 24-PIN connector at the back of the stereo.

    If the wire is not properly connected, it will cause the display to blink and disconnect, while the stereo is in the VLine mode, and for the backup camera do not work.

    How to double-check to make sure the wire is properly connected:
    Use voltmeter and check the voltage of the REV wire once you connect it. Should be 0V when in Park and 12V when in Reverse.

    Let us know if you have any questions!

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    I just installed this set of configuration, but the problem is that the phone is often disconnected from Bluetooth. What went wrong


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      I just installed this configuration. The problem is that Vline VL2 Bluetooth is often disconnected from the mobile phone. What went wrong


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        Make sure the bluetooth/wifi antenna is as close to device as possible, away from large metal parts. Where the VLine module is installed right now ?


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          I just installed my Vline today on my 2017 TLX and the install went flawless, everything works so far. One thing i'd like to add to anyone reading this concerning the reverse wire. I know that grom has supplied a wire tap, and after seeing many many posts on different message boards and fb groups i wondered if the tap was not making good connection. To elimnate this as a potential problem i actually just cut the factory wire and installed a bullet connector. If the system ever needs to be removed its as simple as cutting the purple wire. I know not everyone may be comfortable doing this, but it is an option.