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  • Issues with Updates

    I just wanted to share, when I updated to:
    • VCore V2OVL3.54.0.0
    • VBase 7.39 (L22)
    I couldn't use the long hold of the MENU key to show VL2 on upper display of my 2016 Acura MDX with factory audio input (listen to FM with VL2 displayed without audio)

    With assistance of GROM Tech Support (Sean), I rolled back to V2OVL3.37.0.0 and that feature came back.

    I think two more updates have come out since then but I'm pretty hesitant to install them. Anyone have similar experiences?

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    So, like a dummy, I went ahead and installed V2OVL3.62.0.0 and noticed there was a firmware update. I figured this must've been straightened this issue out by now. DO NOT UPDATE FIRMWARE TO VBase 7.39 IF YOU USE THE MENU LONG PRESS FEATURE!! This update does away with that.


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      VBase 7.41 (L22) resolves the above issue with the Honda VL2. Yay!


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        I'm installing V2OVL3.62.0.0 now. I hope everything still works. I've gone back and forth with support about the automatic night mode feature. Seems like it might be working now. Is anyone following this thread?


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          Just to keep the potential discussion going, I'm in the process of downloading V2OVL3.65.0.0 now and got a "write file error" Does anyone have any experience with this update?