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Bluetooth tethering not working

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  • Bluetooth tethering not working

    I have a 2012 Nissan Maxima SV nav. I'm trying to use bluetooth tethering to get my VLINE unit to connect to the internet. I have "bluetooth tethering" checked on the carplay screen, I have "allow internet access" checked on the bluetooth screen next to my phone, I've restarted my phone and no luck. I had an issue where "allow internet access" kept unchecking itself and that was corrected when I restarted the phone, but I still cannot get an internet connection. My iPhone even shows that the hotspot connection was made but when I try to load anything, it says "try again later" or "no connection." Is there something I'm going wrong?

    The only way to connect the VLINE to the internet right now is to use my phone as a wifi hotspot and connect via wifi. That works perfectly, but I can't use Carplay if the wifi is enabled on my phone.

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    Can you let us know what version the VLine is on?
    You can find that here:
    Settings -> System -> VLine System Updates -> Installed Version (We need the information for "VBase" and "VCore")

    It's possible the VLine might need to be updated, as it seems you've done everything correctly.

    Can you also let us know what apps you were using on the VLine to test the internet connectivity?

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