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Audio cutting out randomly

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  • Audio cutting out randomly

    VLine VL2, Infiniti M37x, self-install. Been using it for a couple of months.

    Since installation, I've been chasing an audio cutout gremlin. Occasionally, audio will cut out. No pops or crackles - it's actually a very rapid fade-out followed by a small period of no audio for a second or two, followed by a rapid fade-in of the audio. Sometimes it will go days without a problem, and sometimes it will happen dozens of times in succession to the point where I have to just mash the power knob on the head unit in frustration and give up for a while.

    I originally thought it was CarPlay related, since all I ever use is CarPlay, but recently I tried playing music from the internal storage using the native audio player, and eventually I reproduced the same audio cut-out problems.

    My understanding is that the VLine VL2 feeds digital audio to the stock audio system over USB (with the VL2 as the USB streaming audio device, and the stock head unit as the USB host). My current hypothesis is that this USB connection (or connector) is marginal, but I wanted to see if there's anything else I should check, given these symptoms.


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    If you were able to replicate the problem when playing with the internal storage, there is a chance something is wrong with the unit itself. Please contact our technical team for help at

    I would also recommend you to try factory reset, however it will wipe out the files that you downloaded to the VLine. To do the factory reset go to Settings --> About Device --> Reset Options --> Reset all data (factory reset)