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Wireless CarPlay is in works
You asked, and we listened. We received many requests for the implementation of wireless CarPlay functionality for VLine VL2 system. We are happy to let you know that we are working on it, and we anticipate to release it March 2020.

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Road Trip Tips with VLine
VLine VL2 is a perfect tool to use during the long road trips. It can provide you with connectivity and entertainment while traveling. Below are some of our recommendations to follow while on the road trip:

  1. Use offline maps with Google if you plan to be out of the internet coverage for some time.
  2. Plan ahead for gas refuel. Use Google Maps on VLine to check for the available gas stations along your route, time for the detour, and even gas prices.
  3. If you use USB modem and are having problems with the connectivity, try using your phone's internet instead. It might offer better internet connectivity while driving in remote areas.
  4. Try VLine's built-in plugins for music and entertainment. Some are subscription free, such as Web Radio, Pandora and Podcasts.

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Latest Installs - Lexus RX 350 2013 and 2011
Check out our two latest installation videos:

The install is for advance installers. It requires some technical ability, and two-three hours of your time. Watch the video to learn how Ken was able to position VLine main module in the armrest compartment for easier accessibility. See how to route GPS antenna and video cables.

The VLine VL2 model that fits into Lexus RX 350 2013-2015 vehicles is LEX7VL2

In this video Ken shows where multimedia interface is located in Lexus RX 350 2011 vehicle. You have to locate it in order to connect GROM VLine VL2.

The VLine VL2 Infotainment System model that fits into Lexus RX 350 2010-2012 is LEX6RT .

Some important installation tips:

  • Leave VLine module or its USB ports somewhere accessible, such as in the glove box or armrest compartment. This will help to update or service the unit if needed.

  • Secure VLine module with velcro or using supplied brackets to prevent movement while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Carefully route VLine's interface and video cables. Make sure there are no sharp bends of the cables.

  • Mount GPS antenna on the top of the dashboard. We recommend using bottom right corner. Make sure that nothing is blocking the GPS signal from the antenna.

  • If using CarPlay or Android Auto, make sure to use high quality USB cables that are no longer than 4FT. For CarPlay it is best to use original Apple Lightning cable. That will allow for better performance and integration of your smartphone into your vehicle.

Inviting SF Bay Area owners
´╗┐of Lexus RX No Nav 2015-2019
We are inviting the SF bay Area local owners of Lexus RX 2015-2019 that does not have factory navigation to participate in our beta-testing program.

We are working into fitting the VLine VL2 into the Lexus RX 2015-2019 without navigation and need your help with it! You will need to be able to come to our R&D Garage for the install. Your perks will include:

  • Free install
  • Highly discounted system
  • Awesome GROM TShirt

If interested, please send us quick email to

Note that VLine VL2 is already available for following Lexus vehicles without factory navigation:

all integrated with factory knob controls.
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