Lexus Infotainment System – GPS and VLine unit placement

We often receive a question about the placement of GPS antenna of VLine Infotainment System in Toyota / Lexus and Nissan / Infiniti vehicles.

VLien GPS antenna in Lexus vehicle

VLine GPS antenna position in Lexus vehicle

You need to install GPS antenna that came with your VLine Infotainment system in order to be able to use Google Maps or Waze in your Lexus or Infiniti vehicle. GPS antenna receiver is a part of VLine Infotainment System package.

Our recommendation is to place the GPS antenna receiver right on the top of the dashboard, at the right hand corner. Positioning the GPS antenna in this corner will allow the best GPS signal possible. GPS antenna that comes with VLine Infotainment System and Navigation Upgrade for Lexus / Toyota and Nissan / Infiniti is black colored and therefore “sits” on the dashboard almost invisible to the untrained eye.

The installer can secure the placement of GPS antenna in Lexus or Infiniti vehicle with supplied sticky pad. The wire can be hidden behind the right pillar.

The other question that we often receive is the placement of VLine Infotainment unit inside the dashboard of the vehicle.

VLine Infotainment System in glove box

VLine Infotainment System positioned in glove box

We recommend placing it inside the glove box compartment, with the left side facing the glove box compartment door, and video cables facing the stereo. This type of positioning will make sure that the video cables are not being bent or damaged inside the glove box, and VLine’s ports such as USB, MicroSD card and others are still being accessible.

VLine secured at the top of glove box

VLine secured at the top of glove box

If you are very handy, you can also secure VLine at the top of the glove box, as on the photo above. You can use velcro or mounting brackets. Using mounting brackets will require drilling the holes, so use your own judgment and determine what works best for you.

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Google Maps in Lexus IS350 2006

VLine Infotainment System in Lexus IS350 2006 – Google Maps

About VLine: VLine is a connected car infotainment system that allows you to enjoy modern navigation and maps (Google, Waze, others) and music apps (Spotify, Google Music, Web Radio and others) right on your factory stereo screen.

Currently available for select Nissan / Infiniti and Toyota / Lexus stereos with navigation. For more info visit

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