Connected Car Apps and Google® and Waze® Maps come to select Infiniti Stereos Without Navigation with VLine System

VLine Infotainment System for Infiniti without navigation - upgrade to Waze

Belmont, CA GROM Audio ( announced the availability of its VLine VL2 Infotainment System and Video Interface for select Infiniti vehicles without GPS navigation. VLine is an aftermarket infotainment system and video interface that provides drivers ease of access to today's latest in-car technology such as turn-by-turn navigation by Google and Waze, music streaming apps, voice assistant and other apps via existing OEM stereos.

Many Infiniti drivers are not satisfied with the limited capabilities of the infotainment systems in their vehicles. The lack of access to the up-to-date guided navigation and maps, as well as insufficient in-car entertainment options creates a great demand for the systems like GROM VLine VL2. This new system from GROM integrates directly into the original factory car stereo and display. Upon the installation into the vehicle, it becomes an essential part of the factory system that is fully integrated with the car stereo and steering wheel buttons.

VLine ( is a Android based car infotainment system and computing unit that is designed for in-vehicle use. By integrating VLine VL2 into the vehicle's infotainment system, the driver gets the access to the latest mobile technology such as Google and Waze Maps, music apps, and voice control, all while keeping original factory stereo. The maps and music streaming apps are displayed directly on the factory infotainment screen, sound flows through the vehicle speaker system, and integration with car stereo and steering wheel controls provide extra safety and convenience for both drivers and the passengers.

VLine in Infiniti G37 09-2013 - Google and Waze Maps, Spotify, Web Radio - Demo

GROM Audio additionally has expanded their VLine VL2 portfolio with the new model NISKVL2, which supports non-navigational stereos in select Infiniti 2007-2015 vehicles. The system comes with the propitiatory touchscreen overlay for the original display, allowing the users to fully experience advanced technology available with simple screen touches.

"Upon our original release of VLine VL2 for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles with navigation, we received many requests from the owners of the vehicles without factory navigation," - said GROM's spokesperson, "We are happy to fulfill the demand for advanced infotainment systems in such vehicles."

Consumers nowadays are greatly familiar with the idea of plugging their smartphones into the car stereos for music and phone calls. The latest advancements in the connected car industry introduced by both Google®, Inc and Apple®, Inc with the availability of AndroidAuto® and CarPlay® respectively, created additional opportunity for drivers to bring the latest technology to their vehicle's screens.

VLine VL2 takes a slightly different approach to the problem. All services, such as maps and music streaming apps, run directly on the unit instead of running on the phone. This provides additional convenience to the user, who no longer needs to rely on his/her smartphone for the in-car navigation and entertainment options.

VLine offers access to a majority of the apps available on Android Play market. The most use turn-by-turn navigation and trip planning options include Google Maps and Waze. In addition to the Play market apps, VLine offers its own proprietary music streaming plugins for Spotify®, Web Radio, Google Music® and locally stored music (songs stored in VLine or external mass-storage device) playback options. With large and bold graphics in a unified environment, VLine offers easy navigation while using music app plugins. Users can use voice activation to gain access to playlists, favorites, genres, and others music search options through the beautiful and intuitive VLine interface.

The VLine VL2 system offers a voice recognition engine as part of its interface. Drivers can activate voice assistance with one press of a button and initiate navigation or to find specific music via voice commands.

Additional features of VLine VL2 include Bluetooth music streaming, HDMI-In, and back up camera integration. VLine gets OTA (over-the-air) updates via an internet connection when GROM Audio releases updates, which include new feature or improvement of its device.

GROM VLine VL2 Infotainment System for Infiniti stereos without navigation (NISKVL2) retails for $599.95. The system is currently on the pre-order with the anticipated ship date October 25th 2018.

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