Highlights include:
1. Preorder of VLine Lite 2 System (VLITE 2) for CarPlay and Android Auto, currently available for select Nissan and Infiniti, Honda and Acura vehicles;
2. VLine Technical Tips:
- Android Auto and GROM-BT3 Bluetooth car kit;
- Android Auto phone calls and factory stereo system;
- How to enable Bluetooth Wifi tethering and wireless CarPlay or Android Auto at the same time.
3. Review of VLine VL2 CarPlay / Android Auto System in Lexus RX 350 2017
4. Beta-testers for VLine for Lexus ES 350 300H 2015 2016 without navigation invited;
5. Latest Install Videos and Tips
- How to properly install VLine into Nissan / Infiniti;
- How to install into Honda Odyssey and integrate with RSE.
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