We hope that you enjoy your summertime. And while the summer progresses through its long hot days, we keep working diligently to deliver new solutions for integrating modern technology into the factory car stereos.

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VLite VT2 for CarPlay and Android Auto
We are happy to introduce easier to operate, lighter variation of VLine VL2 System to add CarPlay and Android Auto functionality to the factory car stereo. VLite VT2 (VLine Lite 2) system allows to seamlessly integrate CarPlay and Android Auto to factory car stereo.

The VLite VT2 is currently available for select Honda / Acura, Nissan / Infiniti and Toyota vehicles only,

Features include:

Smartphone Integration - CarPlay® and Android Auto®
  • Connect your phone to your car stereo via USB or wireless
  • Get CarPlay and Android Auto on your factory screen
  • Supports CarPlay wireless or USB
  • Supports Android Auto wireless or via USB
  • Get maps, music, messaging, calls*
  • Control using car stereo touchscreen or knob
  • Use voice assistant - OK Google® or Siri®
  • Sound goes through all stereo speakers

In addition the kit supports Bluetooth music streaming, USB for iPhone, and WiFi connectivity for firmware updates.

Check compare table to better understand the difference between VLine VL2 and VLite VT2 systems.

The system is on PRE-ORDER pricing of $399.95 only (regular pricing is $475.99). The special pricing is valid until August 15th, the product will ship after August 25th.
VLine Technical Tips
This month our technical team got quite a few technical tips for you that will help you to use VLine VL2 System to its full potential.

With VLine VL2 Android Auto integration, the phone calls go through the factory stereo Bluetooth connection. However, on some Lexus 2002-2006 OEM stereos, there is no factory Bluetooth for phone calls. If your stereo is like that and requires LEX4, LEXGX, LEXGS, LEX3, or LEX3L model of VLine system, you can still add Bluetooth phone calls functionality to it using GROM-BT3 Bluetooth car kit.
Please note that if you are using VLine VL2 CarPlay, you do not need any extra Bluetooth add-ons, as the phone calls will go through the CarPlay.

With the VLine VL2 Android Auto you can connect your phone and access Wireless Android Auto to make hands-free phone calls using your Lexus' factory OEM Bluetooth.

This video will show you a demo of Lexus stereos with OEM Factory Bluetooth and how you can take and make calls with Wireless Android Auto using our VLine VL2 system.

Using Bluetooth internet tethering, you can now tether (share) your smartphone internet connection with VLine VL2 system. This function will let you tether the internet to VLine VL2 while using CarPlay or Android Auto wireless. Make sure to update your VLine VL2 system to the latest firmware.
VLine in Lexus RX350 2017 - review
Recent customer's review:
"I purchased the Grom VLine2 for my 2017 RX350 - best purchase i ever made. The unit has superb build quality, the installation was straightforward, plug-and-play and although I was worred about doing it myself I am proud to say it came out perfect. GromAudio provides firmware and software updates and its support team does respond in timely fashion. Being able to run both Android and Apple CarPlay as well as a fully functional HDMI input, this is everything I could have dreamed of. Don't look elsewhere if you're in the market for upgrading your factory nav/stereo - its the safest bet out there bar none."

We received this review for LEX89VL2 model of VLine VL2 system.

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Beta-testers invited
We are inviting beta-testers for the following vehicles:

You should be local to Plano, TX area (zip code 75093), to participate in our beta-testing program. Benefits include free professional installation, highly discounted system, awesome GROM t-shirt, and excitement to join GROM research and development!
Latest Install Videos and Tips
In this video, we show the proper connection of the MCFNIS8 cable when installing the NIS8VL2 model of the VLine system into select Nissan Infiniti 2008-2012 with factory navigation.
In addition, we show how to properly tap the steering wheel controls wire to the correct wire on the main stereo harness and test to make sure you tapped to the right spot.
For the connect performance of the VLine VL2 system in the vehicle, it is important to ensure the installation is done correctly.

This important installation video shows how to properly install and connect the VLine VL2 system into Honda Odyssey 2011-2013, with factory navigation (HON2M model of VLine system).

In this video, we highlight the reverse wire's connection and the integration of RSE (rear seat entertainment display). With the VLine VL2 system connected to select Honda and Acura, you can project the VLine screen to the back seat display.

This installation video applies to the following Honda and Acura vehicles, compatible with the HON2MVL2 model of VLine system:

Acura MDX 2010 - 2013 (NAV stereo)
Acura TSX 2012 - 2014 (Only NAV stereo)
Honda Odyssey 2011 - 2012 (Navi stereo only)
Honda Odyssey 2013 (Navi stereo only)
Honda Pilot 2012 - 2015 (Only NAV stereo)
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