How to Correctly Connect VLine CarPlay® Android Auto® to Nissan Infiniti 2008-2012 and Tap Steering Wheel Control Wire - NIS8

When installing VLine VL2 CarPlay® Android Auto® system into select Nissan Infiniti 2008-2012 with factory navigation NIS8 model of VLine it is very important to properly connect the MCFNIS8 power cable and steering wheel control wire behind the stereo.

The MCFNIS8 power cable needs to connect to the back of the stereo and display, and not to the back of the AC control unit, located at the top of the stereo. If connected incorrectly, the VLine will not display, and the AC controls will not work.
The steering wheel control wire connection is optional, and only needed when you desire to integrate the factory steering wheel buttons with the VLine system. It is important to connect the steering wheel control wire on MCFNIS8 cable to the correct wire on the main vehicle stereo harness. If the wire is connected to a wrong place it can create incorrect operation of the stereo and backup camera system.
Refer to the installation manual (.pdf) for the correct location of the connectors and steering wheel control wire, and review the install video below:

What is VLine?

Connected car infotainment system Android CarPlay

VLine is a connected car infotainment system for many factory stereos. VLine fully integrates into your OEM car stereo, providing access to the latest automotive technology: Maps (Google, Waze, and others), Music Apps (Spotify, Web Radio, Google Music, etc.), Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto integration, right through the factory stereo system.

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