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For us at GROM, music and driving are the unison of our two great passions. Yet, the dangers of distracted driving demonstrate the need for tech to enjoy music and navigation safely. Our products provide solution that is easy to use and install.

Our car kits are compatible with portable devices, including iPhones/iPad/iPod and Android


Our car kits are compatible with portable devices, including iPhones/iPad/iPod and Android


Check out our videos for more information on how our car kits provide music stream, GPS navigation via Bluetooth or USB connection without changing factory stereo OEM.





Our latest infotainment system (VLine) provides access to the music and navigation apps while retaining factory stereo. Voice activation technology calls for safety while driving. Currently available for select Lexus/Toyota and Infiniti/Nissan vehicles.



GROM is fully committed to providing the best possible products for our customers. We are always happy to hear what our customers have to say and thought that we would share some customer comments.

  • I have been enjoying my GROM unit for the last 5 months, and happened across your website that showed a firmware update was newly available. Installed it in my car a few minutes ago, and immediately noticed the improved UI with song and artist titles no showing on my headunit. Fantastic....Thanks!!!! It says a lot about a company if they continue to improve the product even after the sale!!!! I have been recommending your products on the BMW forums and will continue to do so!! Thanks again!!!!

    By Frank W
  • I bought this product for my Volvo S60 2007 (HU-850 premium stereo). I just installed it and it works great! Never thought I was going to be able to find such a good adapter for this car. Very easy installation, mostly if you use the videos in YouTube. Bluetooth sound great (calls and music), aux good (comparable with other OEM stereos), USB have not tried. Very happy with delivery time and support response.

    By Juan Carlos O
  • I bought a bt3 to my Volvo S60 with premium sound and I can say that it is clearly the best thing I ever bought to a car, no problem at all and it sounds absolutely wonderful. Thanks for a great product.

    By Stefan S.
  • Wow this is truly a plug-n-play product and was so simple to install. Great product no static and crystal clear music. I will be sure to let all my friends know about this kit. Thanks GROM!

    By Karl K.
  • This truly plug-and-play unit was a snap to install. Music is CD quality and plays flawlessly. At about the same price this player easily outshines the competition. Way to go Grom!

    By Don R.

    By Timur A.
  • Me and a friend just installed GROM-MST3 with aux and bluetooth to my 2006 Volvo V50. Worked like a charm, and it only took us about 1.5 hours. Great product!

    By Rune F.
  • Have Grom Unit installed in my 2006 Ridgeline. I use it for hands free calling and listening to Pandora. Its a great interface which also is handy for listening to your own music through a Cloud Player or iPod.

    By Douglas A.
  • I installed a GROM system in my 2005 Volvo xc90 and it is fantastic! The sound is incredible and with the bluetooth interface I can take and make calls without taking my attention away from driving! Thank you GROM!

    By John A.
  • Despite the skepticism and my vehicle not being listed as compatible I decided to go with the GROM Sat unit. It works as advertised in my 2004 Infiniti I35 with OEM navigation XM Sat and 6 disc changer. I talked to GROM customer support before the purchase and was impressed by them, this is another reason I went with the GROM unit. I am completely satisfied and feel like I made the right choice. Thanks GROM!

    By Chris C.
  • The product is really awesome! Easy to install and works like a charm. You guys have a really good product compared to the FM transmitters that most places offer. Thanks guys rock!

    By Steve D.
  • I am using a 16GB flash drive that is about the size of a nickle to store my music. I made 6 folders and number them 1-6. Gave the wife 1 folder and the kids 1 folder and I kept the other four folders. The 6 folders matches the 6 cd button on the radio. So if you want something better than the CD changer and you want Bluetooth capability in your X5 install a GROM, you will not be disappointed.

    By Amazon user Up All Night
  • Extremely easy to install in my Volvo XC90. Unscrew 2 bolts, remove the climate control and radio. I thought plug and pray, but it was plug and play.

    By Erik, Netherlands
  • I had a problem with the initial unit. GROM support was fantastic, the free replacement unit works extremely well after I read and followed instructions. I have a LandRover Discovery. I made a wiring harness to be able to switch between the CD player and GROM unit. All works well, I am very happy! I would have bought a unit years ago if I knew they existed.

    By John R.
  • So happy with your aux adapter. Was on time, works perfect. Will recommend such a professional place. Thanks.

    By Rafael C.
  • I just had it installed. Works like a charm. Thanks.

    By Cliff Z.

    By Amazon user
  • No hassles, prompt shipping, everything works as expected. I had several technical questions before buying and their support answered them very promptly and was quite helpful.

    By T. W. Cook
  • Excellent info on site and fast shipping. Would definitely buy from again.

    By Chris R.S
  • The products work great and were shipped the day I ordered.

    By eBay user Justin B
  • Great product for your galaxy s3! Charges while playing your music, it is awesome!

    By eBay user ganjajuice
  • Got a iPod nano 6th generation, wanted to use it in my Mazda3. GROM works beautifully. I am able to use the steering wheel or stereo controls to skip tracks, GROM compatible cable also charges the iPod. Work as it states, nothing to it really!

    By Rootzman
  • Great product, easy install to a SL500, very happy!!!! Quick ship.. Thanks!!!!

    By eBay user dfmyers57
  • This product requires the GROM aux in box, which is sold separately. But having the two together works a charm! The audio is clear and it is significantly louder than using an aux headphone cable. Installation is pretty easy, thanks to a simple product design and good documentation. I bought this after my cassette deck broke and I could not use cassette adapters that I can stream audio with Bluetooth directly to my car, I can not believe I ever did it any other way! It is a little expensive, but well worth it if you spend a lot of time in the car.

    By Evan Cooper
  • Great product. Works on my 2005 Toyota Camry. Added iPod integration to my factory radio. I also ordered the Bluetooth and it is phenomenal. Highly recommend.

    By Amazon user Rocco S.
  • I needed an inexpensive way to listen to music on my iPhone5 from my factory radio. This little unit did the trick. It was simple to connect and worked as advertised. It is a great choice if you do not want to spend money on a new bluetooth enabled radio for your car. In my case, I did not want to spend a lot of money on a new stereo that would have to stay with the car if I sold it. I kept the stock look of the car and the sound quality is better than using the stock CD player. Installation was a snap. In five minutes I was up and running. The CD radio controls make it easy to manage your music tracks and the one button phone answering helps keep your eyes on the road. I would suggest looking online for installation videos for your vehicle. I was able to find a great video for my car on youtube. It made taking the radio out and installing the GROM unit easy. Good product.

    By Amazon user Oneflydad
  • This device has so far worked on my Honda Accord Hybrid without any problem. Even though I was not mechanically inclined (but familiar with electronics), it was not too challenging for me to take apart the various car pieces, install the device and put everything back. The car initially did not recognize the device until after I turned the car on and off a few times (as explained in the instruction manual). I am currently using only the auxiliary input function, but may add the Bluetooth option later.

    By Amazon user Greeny
  • This install took about 15 minutes total. This unit is amazingly simple to install. It worked right out of the box. I did refer to YouTube on how to remove the dash trim and access the stereo hookups. The kit came with everything I needed even the dash removal tools which are really nice to have now. Manual and documentation was very helpful. I can finally ditch all those CDs in the car and enter the 21st century! Audio is crisp and clear. Bluetooth sync is within 3 seconds of turning the car on! I will update this if anything changes or I have any issues, but so far this product has delivered on everything. That is rare these days.

    By Amazon user BA
  • Works great. Installed in my wifes 2006 Lexus RX so she can play music and charge her iPhone through the factory radio. She loves it. We installed it I place of the cigarette lighter and it looks like it came from the factory. Install took maybe 30 mins. Would be less time if I were doing it again.

    By Amazon Customer
  • Installation in my 2009 Corolla was rather easy (the dashboard is mostly held together with snap-on pieces and a few bolts), and I placed the unit in my glove box for easy reach (there is a lot of open gaps for running cables). I then snaked the included, locking USB cable back through the dash and managed to fit the other end of it in the little power outlet compartment. I can then plug a Lightning cable for my iPhone 6 in and have the coupled USB connectors hidden under the door tot he power outlet compartment. In use, the device works exactly as advertised and has only been flaky once or twice, mostly due to me stalling out my car (is a manual transmission) and then quickly restarting it. Turning off the car, waiting a few seconds, and turning it back on seems to fix this, but it happened so few times, I would not worry about it. It is a tad on the pricey side, considering USB-equipped radios can be had for less than $100, but I maintain my factory sound system (way less cheesy looking than some third-party models), did not have to worry about reconnecting the existing microphone and speaker for phone calls, and my steering wheel controls work. If you have an older Toyota, this a great option (I did not test the optional Bluetooth or line-in audio modules, but I suspect they will be good for any cars that are older than mine).

    By Amazon user Eric
  • Works great. Look for the ipd video on YouTube. Took me 30 minutes to install and I am not an expert by no means.

    By Amazon user Flpaindoc

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