GROM WiLinq Wired to Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Distinctive functionality

Distinctive functionality

Converts wired Android Auto to wireless

Compatible with most stereos

Supports OEM and aftermarket stereos

Fast connection


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Regular price $79.99. Pre-orders end on November 30th, and product ships after December 5th, 2023.

GROM WiLinq wired to wireless Android Auto converter will convert your wired connection into wireless.

You will not need to take your phone out of your pocket or purse anymore; the phone will connect to your Android Auto wireless.

Easy to set up and use. You will need to connect your phone to WiLinq only once, and the next time you enter the vehicle, the phone will connect automatically.

Works with OEM and aftermarket stereos with wired Android Auto.

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Wired to Wireless Android Auto Converter WiLinq
Wireless Android Auto Adapter WiLinq
Most cars with wired Android Auto
OEM and aftermarket stereos
Most Android phones that support wireless Android Auto
WiLinq wired to wireless Android Auto converter
USB cable
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