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Wireless Android Auto audio works except phone

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  • Wireless Android Auto audio works except phone

    I'm running a VL2 in an '09 CTS-V and the audio comes out the car speakers for every function I've tried in the system except phone calls.

    I can answer the phone call via screens or steering controls, I can place calls using voice commands but the audio only comes out the handset.

    Any settings that you might know that I can try?


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    On Android Auto the phone calls go through the factory stereo system, they are not supported by Android Auto on VLine. To get the phone calls answered, you need to connect the smartphone via Bluetooth to your factory stereo, and in the Bluetooth connection settings make sure to check "Phone calls" only and uncheck everything else.

    This will allow you to make the phone calls using factory Bluetooth, and use Android Auto for everything else. In addition you can start the phone call using Android Auto, and also accept the phone call using Android Auto as well.

    Please check the video here: