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Black screen after attempted update

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  • Black screen after attempted update

    So I was having issues with my backup camera not coming on when I put the car in reverse along with the screen freezing up when taking a phone call.

    I decided to update the Grom unit by plugging the usb drive with the file on it into the unit. The unit give me a prompt about updating but then the screen turned black.

    I attempted the secondary method of unplugging the Grom unit, putting the USB drive back in it and then the power cord. I let it sit for about 20 minutes before connecting the rest of the connectors, however I still have a black screen. I've even tried multiple USB drives just in case one wasn't working.

    My screen is completely non-responsive except that the factory GPS is on. When I press audio nothing happens though.

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    If the stereo "sees" VLine connected, the best way to update the firmware is via the internet. Please see here how:

    When you update via USB there is the chance that you are using wrong firmware from the website, and it can "brick" the unit. Please contact our technical team at and they will help you to revive your unit.