You might not believe it, but the spring is already in full swing with flowers blooming, birds singing, the spring break craziness, and the amazing road trips. But what will be the road trip without your favorite tunes?

This is the reason for us to work hard to bring you the opportunity to enjoy your music while driving. Let's jump into our April news!
Android Auto is coming soon to VLine
We are almost done on integrating Android Auto into VLine Infotainment System . The connection will work through USB cable.

Note that your factory phone system will be used for phone calls while in Android Auto. Everything else is done directly through Android Auto interface: Music apps, Messaging apps, Google Maps and Waze. Just plug your Android phone and enjoy your very new infotainment system. 

Stay tuned for future announcements!
Wirelinq and Android 9.0 Update
Since the release of Android 9.0 USB audio streaming is no longer supported feature by Google . Therefore it is now not possible to play the music via Wirelinq cable using external apps (not Dashlinq plugins).

However Dashlinq music plugins keep working. The list of plugins include Spotify, Web Radio, Pandora, Google Music and Local (stored on the phone or MicroSD card) Music. We are actively working on bringing more plugins to Dashlinq, including Podcasts. Watch demo video and stay tuned for the announcements!

The same limitation affects GROM-MST4 and GROM-USB3 car kits, when they are being used with Android phones with 9.0 Android via USB.

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Latest Install and Usage Videos
Check our latest installs and usage videos made by us, and by our customers and partners:

This video demonstrates the usage of GROM-MST4 car kit in Volvo stereo with fiber-optic technology M.O.S.T. See how easy it is to connect the iPhone to the factory Volvo stereo for the integration via USB or Bluetooth. Stream any apps, including Pandora, Spotify, see text info, receive phone calls and see the caller ID.

Installation of VLine Navigation and Infotainment System Upgrade into Lexus RX 350 400H 2016-2019 and stereo removal guide . In this video we show how to disassemble Lexus RX 350 400H factory stereo, and connect and install GROM VLine Infotainment and Navigation Upgrade System.

by Cushie Audio (Australia)
It’s a GROM  MAZ8U3  kit with B luetooth Dongle ( GROM-BTD ), installed into a 2010 Mazda CX-7 with MP3 stereo. Great write-up with a lots of photos!

YouTube video by Shifted Perspective
GROM-BT3 is being installed into BMW M5 2003, into the trunk of the vehicle, replacing CD changer.
Autotech and Mobile Technology News
This month we’re looking at some amazing innovations with many remarkable ideas and one really bad one. From a drunken driving monitor systems to video games for self-driving cars, this month demonstrate the wide berth that car tech is expanding into. Meanwhile, another innovator hit a snag when their newest feature failed to get the job done.

Read more about how Ford is aiming to detox its drivers from the digital overload, Volvo tries to prevent drunk driving, Tesla hackers won award, and other exciting news.
Chargers, anyone?
With the rise of mobile devices there is also a constant need for charging. Have you ever had a "panic attack" realizing that your phone's battery is unexpectedly dying?

With GROM's High Power USB 12Volt socket car charger you do not have to worry anymore. Simply plug it into the 12Volt socket of your vehicle, and now you can charge two devices at the same time! Available for $9.98 at GROM's store .
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