Android Pixel phone users, be heard and get a reward

The latest Android P update is a very exciting refresh of the Android OS, but to our disappointment it has major flaw – lack of USB audio streaming (AOAv2) in Accessory mode.

What is Audio via AOAv2 and why is it important?
AOAv2 Audio streaming is a way for external devices (accessories) to communicate with an Android phone and receive a clean digital audio feed from all apps. It opens up a simple way to extend an Android phone into the vehicle, home, allowing to integrate into existing devices that lack Android support.

As of Android 9.0 Google decided that this protocol (introduced in 2014) is redundant and they decided to remove it altogether from OS. We worked with them for few weeks trying to convince to keep that support to improve the way Android phones can be integrated into vehicle and home. Unfortunately they decided to remove it anyway being the only phone on the market that does not have USB Audio streaming via AOAv2 supported.

What can you do?
Send them request to keep that protocol active or offer alternative. Here is how:
In your Pixel phone go to Settings > System > About phone > Send feedback about this device
On the feedback page, please type “AOAv2 USB audio is not working in my car since 9.0. Please fix!!

Reward is on us!
If Google brings this feature back, we will launch an exciting product that will enhance Android experience in car or home:
HLinQ (TM) – HDMI out cable that will mirror your phone or any app on the phone into HDMI out! All Android phones will be supported by our simple cable.
Simply plug your phone anywhere, in the car, hotel room, at home and so on, to project the video content into bigger screen in digital quality without internet, lags and distortion.

Please help us to improve Android ecosystem to everybody’s benefits! Email us with any questions.

Yours truly,

GROM Audio

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If Google doesn’t bring the AOAv2 Audio functionality back, is the WireLinq product dead? Or do you have the ability to redesign the product’s firmware to function with whatever “redundant” functionality that Google is continueing to provide? Obviously this wasn’t your decision to remove it, but if it’s been removed from the Android base code, other phones will not work with the WireLinq product as their manufactures release Android 9.0, so this will certainly kill the product if an alternative is not found. This was hugely disappointing not knowing in advance of the 9.0 upgrade (would have been helpful if… Read more »