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September has brought numerous changes, not just in weather but also in the auto and music industries. Take a look at how we, at GROM, continue to ride through these changes to give you the latest updates for continued safe driving on the road.
VLine Update
Check for the latest VLine OTA Update.  You can perform the update by going to: Settings --> About Device --> VLine System Updates
Firmware Updates with VLine Infotainment System
VLine OTA updates provides:
  • A2DP fixes
  • WiFi fixes
  • Improved stability
  • HDMI in added
If you experience any issues with the latest OTA, please send us an email at If all is good, we would love to hear your feedback as well!
Wirelinq and Dashlinq Update
To ensure correct performance of Wirelinq in your vehicle with your phone, please update your Wirelinq firmware (FW35) and Dashlinq app to the latest versions.
Wirelinq Player Demo Music Playback Smart Android USB Cable Converter
Dashlinq has come out with a new version: 3.1
  • Faster Cover Art management
  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Improved Spotify
Download Dashlinq Car Mode Dashboard App via Google Play App Store
Tips of the Month - on GROM Car Kits
Multiple Cars Classic Vehicles
How do I transfer my GROM adapter kit to another car?

We get tons of questions from our users if it's possible to transfer their GROM car kit from one car to another.  Short answer: it depends.  Long answer ...

Find My Car App Apple iOS 10 iPhone
How can I use "find my car" feature with Apple iOS?

Find out how you can use "Find My Car" feature as available from your Apple iOS 10 devices with GROM bluetooth car adapter kits.

Demo on Installing Mic to Car
Take a look at how and where you can install microphone to car when using our Bluetooth car kits.

In this easy how-to video demo, we feature two of many installation locations - at the top, and by the instrument cluster.

You can also use microphone for voice activation to make phone calls, or to do music search via our Dashlinq car mode dashboard app.
How to Install Microphone to Car for GROM Bluetooth Car Kits
How-To Video on Installing Microphone to Car
GROM Music Genre Blog Series on Classical music around the world
Classical Music Genre
Music Genre Series: Classical Music Around the World

Exploring classical music around the world, covering composers like Bach and Mozart.  As well as composers from Japan, China, and Latin America.

Listen on Spotify

Extra! Extra!
Listening to Music Apple Earphones Headphones Happy
Apple Transforming How We Listen to Music

Apple has revolutionized how popular culture listens to music dating back to the days of the iPod, to the iPhone.

Four Ways to Connect Android to Car Watch Video Player
Connect Your Android to Car
Four Ways to Connect Android Phone to Car

Four ways to connect your Android phone with your car, including, Bluetooth, auxiliary, USB and of course our Wirelinq smart USB converter cable.


Drive happy!

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