Four Ways to Connect Your Android Phone to Car Stereo for Music and GPS

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Four ways to connect smartphone to car stereoGiving my Older Gen Car Stereo a Makeover

I wasn’t thinking about integration and connectivity options with my smart phone when I was shopping for a car. I wanted to know how it navigated the road not a streaming music service. But as I became comfortable with my car, I came to realize the only way I could listen to Spotify or my music collection is the through an auxiliary port on my armrest. I needed a change.

In the age of the connected car and infotainment systems, this may seem almost archaic under the current realm of infotainment systems and stereo integrated streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, or Amazon Music, let alone having GPS navigation. Yet I still love my car and its factory car stereo system – a different kind of connectivity, but all the same. I wasn’t going to spend extra money to change something I didn’t want or feel the need to.

Easy Solutions to Connect Phone to Car Stereo

What makes GROM so significant for me is that they offer solutions for car owners like me – those who do not want to change a thing to my car. On their website, not only can I find the means to enhance the connectivity of my Android phone, but also had access to several options for integrating my Android devices. I can pick out how I want my phone integration to happen and listen to music by the means that was most comfortable to me.

Here is what GROM could offer me:

1) Connecting through Smart USB converter Cable: Wirelinq

Connect Android Phone to Car Stereo via Wirelinq Smart USB converter cable

Wirelinq looks just like a USB cable and plugs into any car USB port that supports iPhone connectivity. For the most part, it doesn’t seem too much different from a cable you could pick up at a drugstore, but what it offers is much more than simple connectivity and charging; though it does charge my phone too!

The heavy duty cable provides integrated meta-content aside from simply allowing you to stream audio. I’m able to read song titles and other relevant information (artist and album data, cover art) from my phone. What is really amazing is it also allows me to control music from car stereo buttons as I’d normally would, and even from my steering wheel. I can also browse music and use car stereo controls and/or touch screen to access my phone.

The sound quality is beyond a simple USB and so is the recharge rate — all this from a simple yet smart cable.

Connecting via GROM Car Kits

GROM Car Kits offer another option for car connectivity. Since I only had an AUX port, these kits grabbed my attention quickly. The idea is simple. By completing a simple installation of the small unit behind your dashboard, the Car Kit offers a myriad of new connectivity options, depending on the kit you purchase.

2) Connecting through AUX-IN cable

Connect Android Phone, iPhone/iPad/iPod to Car Stereo via GROM Car Kits with AUX cable

There is a simple way to connect to the car kit through my phone and that this via the auxiliary port.  I am amazed at the high-quality sound difference a 3.5mm AUX-IN connection affords.

3) Connecting via USB connection cable

Connect Android Phone, iPhone/iPad/iPod to Car Stereo via GROM Car Kits with USB Connection

Similarly, I can also connect a USB cable for more advanced connectivity and enjoy music playback and streaming on my Android phone or other portable devices.  What’s even more amazing is that it charges my phone at the same time.

4) Connecting via Bluetooth for music streaming

Connect Android Phone, iPhone/iPad/iPod to Car Stereo via GROM Car Kits with Smartphone Bluetooth

What really excited me though was the car kits that offered Bluetooth connectivity. This option allowed me to avoid cables all together, along with the wear and tear on my phone audio and USB jacks. I didn’t have to refocus on my Android phone when driving. I could put my phone where I needed without worry about the cable.

Streaming Music Made Easy

The kits that featured USB and Bluetooth connectivity also allow for full car stereo and steering wheel integration. All song information and related data that is streamed onto car displays without any changes to a system’s original OEM.

What GROM Offers for Well-Traveled Cars

GROM’s been developing and refining their car kits for years. The concept behind the smart USB converter cable (Wirelinq) is quite remarkable. It is a completely innovative method of accessing a USB port with unique and advanced features that can provide control and access to your phones via car controls, along with all the other exceptional features offered through regular USB. Plus, better sound.

For me, I ended up purchasing a car kit featuring Bluetooth access.  For a reasonable price, I have safe and easy access to my phone. My car still looks and functions the same but now has a whole new level of integration that is found in the modern connected car with infotainment systems.