Two Connectors Available

Wirelinq MicroUSB Android cable converter
Wirelinq USB Type-C Android cable converter
Connects to your car USB port

Connects to your car
USB port

Wirelinq connects your Android phone to the factory car stereo via vehicle's USB port in a snap.

android integratiomn to your car stereo

Intregates Android
Phone to Your Car Stereo

Your Android phone becomes fully integrated to the car stereo for music, control, charging and text display.

supports text from your phone to the car stereo

Supports Text & Cover

You will see song, artists, albums info, cover art of the currently playing song on your car stereo screen.

Supports steering wheel controls

Supports steering
wheel controls

Control your music using car stereo or steering wheel buttons, use touch screen to browse the music.

digital sound quality

Easy to use, Superior
Sound Quality

High quality digital sound from your Android phone. MP3, OGG, WMA, lossless WAV and FLAC are supported.

Features Reversible Micro USB connector

High Quality Cable,
reversible MicroUSB

Reversible MicroUSB connector that eliminates guesswork. Charges your phone while in use.

“I have been looking for this very product since I bought my car 6 years ago!” “Technology moves so fast, thank you for keeping up with it!”


Weight:30g (Product) / 100g+/- (Packaged weight)
Materials of cable:Ultra-Durable Braided nylon, covered with plastic
Connectors:USB Type A, Reversible Micro USB or USB Type-C

Will Wirelinq work with the knob stereo without touch screen?

Yes the Wirelinq will work with the knob style stereo without the touchscreen. You will be able to use knob control to browse your music library.

What kind of car stereo is Wirelinq compatible?

Wirelinq works with stereos that connect to the USB and iPhone - vehicles 2008 and newer. Wirelinq will also work with aftermarket stereos 2009 and newer that have USB port to connect the iPod and USB stick. Most well known brands such as Kenwood, Pioneer, Clarion, Alpine have such ability.

When phone is connected to Wirelinq, will the Bluetooth Hands Free work?

Wirelinq will not affect your Bluetooth hands free operation. Upon the phone call the music will dim and will resume back to normal after the phone call ends.