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Scroll buttons disappeared for Android Auto

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  • Scroll buttons disappeared for Android Auto

    With the latest firmware and software updates the scroll buttons have disappeared for Android Auto. This means I can't scroll through lists making it a bit hard to use the application launcher or go through a list of search results in Google Maps for example. Prior to this there were prominent up and down arrows. The nature of the touch screen of our vehicle (2007 Toyota Prius) does not allow dragging screen elements so the up/down arrows were crucial. Is this something Google did or something that was miss-configured in this latest update?

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    Is it possible to send us a photo of this issue?

    We have not seen this issue from other customers and I just tested 3 different Android Phones here on a similar radio, and could not replicate the issue.

    It seems it could possibly be something on the phone side, so I would recommend checking to see if your phone has any updates.

    GROM Audio