November 2018 GROM Audio News: VLine for Infiniti without NAV is shipping now, Pandora Plugin is available in Dashlinq Android Dashboard App. How to listen to the USB music on VLine. Music in the Southern Pacific - Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea - blog and playlist, Christmas shopping tips, Special Offer.
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The month of October just passed by, and we started to look towards the exceptional Winter Holidays season. We are getting ready for exciting announcements of new product lines, and continuous development and improvement of existing products. Read our news, and enjoy special, readers only, offer!
VLine System for Infiniti 2009-2015 without navigation is shipping now
VLine in Infiniti G37 2009
VLine in Infiniti G37 2009

VLine System for select Infiniti vehicles 2009-2013 without navigation is shipping! It is now possible to get Google and Waze maps directly on Infiniti non-nav stereo screen, as well as enjoy music streaming apps and access to Google Play market. Check YouTube demo video >>

Compatible vehicles include (US/Canada only!):

Infiniti EX35 2008-2009
Infiniti FX35/45/50 2009-2009
Infiniti G35/35S Coupe 2008-2009
Infiniti G35/35S Sedan 2007-2009
Infiniti EX35 2010-2013
Infiniti FX35/45/50 2010-2013
Infiniti G Convertible 2010-2013
Infiniti G Coupe 2010-2013
Infiniti G Sedan 2010-2013
Infiniti Q40 2015-2015
Infiniti Q60 2014-2015
Infiniti G37/37S 2008-2009

For more information and videos go to:

VLine comes with 18 (eighteen) month manufacturer warranty.

How to play USB flash drive music on VLine
Check Local Music Demo Video (Instagram):

VLine playing USB stick music
Demo of VLine playing Local Music

How to listen to your music collection on VLine using external hard drive or USB stick?

1. Connect USB stick or external hard drive with your music to VLine's USB 2 port (bottom USB port); 

2. Go to Local Music plugin on your VLine screen.

3. Go to Settings -->Source and select your Source 
Your music will become available immediately for you to play through your car stereo with VLine.

You can then browse by Artist, Album, Songs, Folders. Cover art, where available, will show on the car stereo screen. 
Track control is available from car stereo, steering wheel buttons, or VLine screen itself.

There is no need for internet connectivity for Local Music plugin to work, so take it with you on those long back-country road trips.

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Pandora support comes to Dashlinq Android App

We just released Pandora plugin for Dashlinq app. It currently works with both paid and free Pandora subscriptions.

Note that it is not fully released for Wirelinq or USB3/MST4 devices yet. Join Google+ community of Dashlinq supporters to participate in beta-testing and stay on top of the app updates.

Pandora Plugin for Dashlinq
Pandora Plugin for Dashlinq

Download Dashlinq from Google Play to use with your AUX, Bluetooth or USB device.
GROM Christmas Return Policy and Holiday Shopping Tips
GROM Holiday Return Policy and Shopping Tips

We all know that the time runs fast, and in a couple of weeks we will be rushing through the stores, looking for the gifts for our loved ones.

Christmas and New Year gifts shopping can be daunting and tiring task, yet it does not have to be!

With our flexible Holiday Return Policy you can start shopping early, and still do not worry about the return period if your gift will not fit to your loved one's needs or wants.

GROM Holiday Return Policy:
All products ordered between November 15th and December 24th of 2018 can be returned back for the refund until January 31st 2019. 

Also, read our eight holiday shopping tips that will help you to reduce the stress of Holiday gift buying.
Autotech news of the month - Pandora is being acquired by Sirius XM, Google Maps want to be your co-pilot, Tesla is releasing new app

Pandora merger with Sirius XM
Pandora gets bought out by Sirius XM

There were plenty of exciting transportation news in the month of October, from many major companies. From Google Maps to Lyft, consumers will be empowered by new features to make life and travel that much easier.

There is big news with SiriusXM and Pandora along with a major surprise from Tesla's phone app. Meanwhile, self-driving cars are hitting the race track.  

Music in the Southern Pacific - Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea

Australian Aborigine playing on Didgeridoo

The migrants to Australia, New Guinea, and the surrounding territories settled into their respective locations over 30,000 years ago. Migrating from Africa and Southeast Asia, these groups would slowly assimilate into their new homes and create fresh lives for themselves. Early migration is believed to have occurred when the early Australian continent, known as Sahul, were closely connected to Asia and New Guinea.

They brought with them their traditions and customs, creating music that not only entertained but also instructed their youth on how to survive and live in their societies, along with recording the history of their people. Music brought tribes together and formed the basis of how they celebrated.

This blog story concludes our Wold Music Series. Thank you, our readers, for traveling with us around the world!

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Drive Happy.


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