Android player app for in car music

AALinQ works as standalone phone music player, or with GROM-USB3, GROM-MST4, and GROM-IPD4 adapter kits that are directly wired to your factory car stereo.


  • No advertising or spying. Free to use.
  • Play music downloaded to your phone
  • 5 band equalizer on all supported devices (2.3+)
  • Large fonts and icons, bright colors for in car use
  • Gestures/swipe control of the playback, random and other functions
  • 3D cover art animation
  • Auto switch to Playing Now screen
  • Bluetooth controls supported
  • Lock screen controls displayed
  • Non-ASCII charsets supported
  • When connected to GROM HW and Bluetooth, choose which quality of the stream you want (icon next to time slider)


  • FLAC, WMA, AAC, OGG, AAC, MP3 supported
  • Automatic cover art download
  • Gapless (almost) playback
  • Browsing available by: Folders, Artists, Albums, Playlists and All Songs
  • Fast navigation by Folders, Artists, Albums, Playlists via gesture up and down in Playing Now screen
  • Create dynamic (on-the-go) playlists from any folder(s)
  • Swipe left right for track change

For best integration use AALinQ with GROM hardware. Easy to set up:

1. Install GROM-USB3, GROM-IPD4 or GROM-MST4 module into your car
2. Download free AALinQ app from Google Play and install it on your Android mobile device
3. Connect your Android Smartphone or Tablet to GROM adapter via USB cable

To enable USB Streaming to GROM HW simply exit the AALinQ app and run your favorite music app.
To enable GROM connect: Attach phone to GROM USB device and start any song in AALinQ
When connected to GROM via USB and Bluetooth, use route button next to time slider to switch between digital USB and Bluetooth A2DP streaming.

With GROM direct car interface the operation is simple:
1. Disk 1 is a On-The-Go playlist. Disk 2 is the first playlist, Disk 3 is second and so on
2. Only local (downloaded) music will be played through AALinQ.
3. Titles and cover art displayed in player in portrait and landscape mode.
4. Full control from either AALinQ or GROM. Player stays in sync with stereo all the time.

Troubleshooting when used with GROM interface:
1. Make sure you have latest firmware installed from or
2. On older phones (2.3.x) to operate you will need to turn USB Debugging option ON (Settings->Application->Development), follow suggestions from AALinQ
3. Submit support ticket if nothing helps