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VLine VL2 is coming soon in select Infiniti vehicles without navigation. Preorder has started - take advantage of early bird pricing! Android Pixel users, be heard and get a reward. Check out our latest demo video, South Asian Music Blog and Spotify playlist, and recent car tech news.
Preorder started for VLine VL2 for select Infiniti stereos without Navigation

VLine in Infiniti
VLine in Infiniti

VLine VL2 soon will be available for select Infiniti stereos without Navigation or Touchscreen. Preorder has started, so take an advantage of early bird pricing of $465.99 and save $134 over retail. The early preorder pricing will end on September 25th. The product will be shipped after October 15th.

VLine VL2 offers 3GB of RAM, faster CPU and improved specs for fast boot time and operating speed.

Compatible vehicles include:

Infiniti EX35 2008-2009
Infiniti FX35/45/50 2009-2009
Infiniti G35/35S Coupe 2008-2009
Infiniti G35/35S Sedan 2007-2009
Infiniti EX35 2010-2013
Infiniti FX35/45/50 2010-2013
Infiniti G Convertible 2010-2013
Infiniti G Coupe 2010-2013
Infiniti G Sedan 2010-2013
Infiniti Q40 2015-2015
Infiniti Q60 2014-2015
Infiniti G37/37S 2008-2009

For more information and videos go to:

See test demo here:
VLine in Infiniti without navigation

Android Pixel Users - be heard and get a reward!

The latest Android P update is a very exciting refresh of the Android OS, but to our disappointment it has major flaw - lack of USB audio streaming (AOAv2) in Accessory mode.

Android Pixel Phone

What is Audio via AOAv2 and why is it important?
AOAv2 Audio streaming is a way for external devices (accessories) to communicate with an Android phone and receive a clean digital audio feed from all apps. It opens up a simple way to extend an Android phone into the vehicle, home, allowing to integrate into existing devices that lack an Android support.

We ask you to speak up and ask Google to keep this important feature in all future updates. Send them request to keep this protocol active or offer an alternative. 

Here is how:
In your Pixel phone go to Settings > System > About phone > Send feedback about this device
On the feedback page, please type "AOAv2 USB audio is not working in my car since 9.0. Please fix!" 


VLine Tip and Question of the Month

Setting up precise location for navigation with VLine car infotainment system

To get best of VLine GPS system (which by the way understands GPS and GLONASS), do the following: tap icon Settings->Location->Mode->High accuracy
It will adjust internal Android algorithm to use not only GPS data but also your Wifi/Cellular information and other sensors to pinpoint the exact location you are at. Read More >>>

I am an iPhone user. Can I still use VLine?

This is one of the most often asked questions. The answer is YES, iPhone users still can use VLine.
VLine is standalone Android based system that does not need any phone to work. Maps and Apps run directly on VLine. You can connect your iPhone to VLine for Bluetooth music streaming. You can also use the iPhone to provide internet connectivity to VLine.

Phone hotspot and VLine
How to provide internet to VLine with your phone

VLine in Toyota Landcruiser 2004-2007

Demo VLine in Toyota Landcruiser
VLine in Toyota Landcruiser

In this video we go over Google Maps installation and Spotify account syncing with VLine infotainment system and Navigation Upgrade.

Check out VLine for Toyota Landcruiser 2004-2007 >>
From Apple to Uber to T-Mobile - technology news of the month

August Car Tech News

This month their big news from of the leading phone and transportation companies. Uber is closing its self-driving track technology, while Tesla reveals a new plan to deliver new cars to their customers, and Apple offers a lighter version of the iPhone X at a reduced price.

Music of South Asia - Nepal, India, Maldives, Afghanistan

Maldives Traditional Music
Drumming on Maldives

Situated between the Middle East, Africa, and China; the nations of South Asia have a unique vantage point being surrounded by a vast ocean of cultures, which mingle and pass through their countries. 

These interactions and have inspired and been influenced the societies surrounding them. From the island nation of the Maldives to the interior country of Afghanistan, music is expressed in term of absorption of outside traditions and expressions of national identity.

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