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GROM Audio In-Car Bluetooth Extension Splitter for all GROM adapters(Wireless-BTX)

For GROM-IPD2, GROM-IPD1, GROM-IPD3 adapters
Plugs directly to the MiniDin port
Gives wireless handsfree calling (accept/reject call)
Allows for wireless A2DP playback with AVRCP control
Compatible with large number of phones
Plug and play

59.99 USD 
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Product details

The GROM-BTX is a universal Hands Free Bluetooth In-Car Kit from GROM AUDIO. It allows the seamless bluetooth integration for many vehicles. GROM-BTX compatible with GROM-IPD1, GROM-IPD2, GROM-IPD3 interfaces.
Allows for a wide set of functionality to be added: Bluetooth Hands free (HFP), Bluetooth Audio playback (A2DP), Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP).

In hands free mode you are able to: accept call, reject call, adjust audio volume - all using car stereo and steering wheel controls.

Bluetooth Audio playback allows you to stream the music directly from your phone to the car stereo. Now you are able to listen to your MP3s or Pandora played from your mobile phone on car stereo.

Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP) allows you to forward and backwardyour music playback via car stereo/steering wheel controls (Next Track button).

GROM In-Car Bluetooth Splitter Hands Free adapter for GROM IPD2, IPD1, AUX adapters
GROM In-Car Bluetooth Splitter Hands Free adapter for GROM IPD2, IPD1, AUX adapters - connection scheme
What is the difference between GROM-BTD and GROM-BTX?
GROM-BTD is compatible with current models of GROM adapters: GROM-USB2 and GROM-IPD3. GROM-BTX is compatible with all previous versions of GROM Audio in-car adapters such as GROM-IPD1, GROM-IPD2, GROM-AUX1, GROM-AUX2. In addition GROM-BTX is compatible with GROM-IPD3.


Package contents

Bluetooth Hands Free receiver with 2 MiniDin connectors for GROM-IPD3, GROM-IPD2, GROM-IPD1, GROM-AUX adapter interfaces
Omnidirectional microphone with swivel mount for easier installation (10ft)



30 days money back guarantee
90 days manufacturer repair/replacement warranty




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