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Car stereo removal guide: Ford Focus 2008

Below are the general guidelines for connecting GROM-IPOD or GROM-USB interface to the Ford car stereo. This particular car is Ford Focus 2008 with MP3 stereo. Our posted car stereo removal instructions help with aftermarket adaptor install projects, iPod, XM, USB, Sirius, MP3, Bluetooth, video or audio when stereo removal is needed for installation.

Disclaimer: We are not liable for any damages acquired during your installation process. If you are not sure in your ability to perform the installation please seek the help of the professional.

  1. Turn off the car ignition.
  2. Take the screwdriver, carefully insert the slothead between the car stereo trim and dashboard. Gently remove the car stereo trim.
  3. Now you see the stereo and 4 screws at the stereo corners.
  4. Take the phillips driver and unscrew 4 screws at the stereo corners.

  5. Gently pull the stereo out, be careful not to disconnect any wires.
  6. Open the glovebox. Take the FORD OEM harness (FRD07 in your GROM package) and guide it through the hole in your glovebox to the dashboard. The end of FRD07 that connects to the stereo should go inside the dash, and the other end that connects to the GROM box should be left in the glovebox.
  7. Locate the power lid (yellow wire with the pink colored quick disconnect terminal on the end).
  8. Locate the main harness at the back of the Ford stereo, find the red colored power wire on it.
  9. Snap the T-Tap clip (provided with your GROM package) over the red wire on the main harness so it is fastened
  10. Connect the power lid to the red power wire on the main harness as shown below. You can simply snap the pink disconnect with the closed T-Tap clip on the red harness.
  11. Locate the empty CD changer port and connect the FRD07 harness to it. Make sure that the connection is firm and the harness is securely attached to the port.*
  12. Connect your GROM-USB MP3 car kit to the other end of FRD07 harness. You can now start using your GROM-USB!
  13. Test your GROM USB adapter before you put the stereo back! You can try it with USB stick provided in your package. Please don't forget to place your favorite tunes on the USB stick.
  14. If everything is working as it should - carefully place the stereo back until it snaps to it's place. If not - see troubleshooting section in your User Manual.

If the port is occupied with the other cable (for example XM), please follow to the steps below:

  1. Disconnect this cable
  2. Connect male end of FRD07 OEM harness
  3. Insert the unplugged cable back to the car stereo using the female port on the FRD07 harness
  4. Please make sure that everything that you unplug from the car stereo is connected back!

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