How to switch between different MODES on GROM-USB3/USB2P or GROM-MST4/MST3P device.

Short video explains how to switch between the different MODES on your GROM-USB3/USB2P or GROM-MST4/MST3P USB, Android, iPhone Car Kits, Bluetooth and HD Radio Capable.

To switch modes:

  • 1. Press FM-->CD (AUX or other button that you use to enter GROM Mode)
  • 2. You should hear announce "USB", quickly press "NEXT TRACK" button on your stereo
  • 3. You will hear the next MODE announce. If HD Radio is present GROM will announce "RADIO", it will also announce "AUX" for AUX mode
  • 4. Stop pressing "NEXT TRACK" button as soon as you head desired MODE announce

Note that you will not need to switch to Bluetooth MODE to access to GROM Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is active, such as with phone call or wireless music streaming, it will override currently playing Mode.

Note that the video below is for the older USB2P/USB2 car kits. The main principle of changing modes is the same, so you can refer to this video to get the idea.

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