RAM 1500 2500 3500 2013-2018 VLine Installation For Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto

Disclaimer: We are not liable for any damages acquired during your installation process. If you are not sure in your ability to perform the installation please seek the help of the professional.

This install shows you how to install and connect VLine infotainment system for CarPlay Android Auto in RAM 1500 2500 3500 2013-2018, with steps to take out the stereo and connect the system at the back of the stereo and display.

Once our VLine is connected to your car stereo, you will get the following functionality:

Smartphone Integration:
- CarPlay wireless and wired
- Android Auto wireless and wired

In addition to the smartphone integration for Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, VLine offers full Android device functionality, embedded directly into your car stereo screen. With the VLine system you can install almost any apps from the Google Play store and use them directly on your dashboard. The VLine System also offers embedded plugins for select music streaming apps.

- Spotify
- Web Radio
- Pandora
- Music stored on USB plugins
You will be able to play music from the internet directly into your car stereo system, see cover art and text, browse by genres, playlists, favorites and more.

- Have Google Maps or Waze displayed directly on your car stereo screen
- ability to get navigation and real time traffic updates directly on your car stereo screen
- use voice commands to start navigation

Voice Commands:
- use your voice to start navigation
- use your voice to find the music that you would like to listen to.

Bluetooth connectivity:
- access wireless CarPlay and Android Auto via Bluetooth to listen to music, view Google Maps and more

Access to other Google play apps
- access to the Google Play Store for other Android apps - directly on your car stereo!

With VLine fully integrated into your car stereo, you can use the touch screen, car stereo and steering wheel controls to utilize its many features. In addition VLine will not disable any factory features, such as FM or Climate controls.

VLine VL2 system for RAM 1500 2500 3500 2013-2018 is available here>>

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