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VLine Tip - Wireless CarPlay or Android Auto and WiFi

UPDATE from July 2022: You can now use Bluetooth tethering to share the internet from your iPhone® or Android® smartphone to the VLine VL2 system. Check how to videos on this page >>

With VLine VL2 system you can add wireless CarPlay or Android Auto to your factory stereo. However sometimes you need to connect VLine VL2 to WiFi, if you want to use VLine system standalone (without the smartphone), or to update the firmware.

There is a limitation to WiFi usage while wireless CarPlay or Android Auto is connected. In this short video we explain the reason why you can't have the Wifi and wireless CarPlay or Android Auto connected on VLine at the same time. As you can see, when the CarPlay or Android Auto is connected to your car stereo through VLine, it uses hot spot connection on VLine. VLine can't have both Wifi and hot spot active at the same time. Therefore every time you try to turn on the Wifi, it automatically turns it off, as it is reconnecting to the CarPlay or Android Auto.
If for some reason you need to use Wifi on your VLine VL2 system, you need to change the CarPlay or Android Auto wireless connection from automatic to manual. This will allow you to disconnect VLine from CarPlay or Android Auto when you are using Wifi. Do not forget to change the CarPlay or Android Auto connection to automatic once you do not need to use VLine Wifi connection anymore.
The second part of the video shows how you can connect HDMI-In to VLine. In this example we are using Google Chromecast, however you can use any HDMI-Out capable devices, such as your smartphone or tablet.

What VLine is?

Connected car infotainment system

VLine is the connected car infotainment system for many factory stereos. Fully integrated into OEM car stereo, VLine provides access to the latest automotive technology: Maps (Google, Waze, others), Music Apps (Spotify, Web Radio, Google Music and etc.), CarPlay and Android Auto integration, right through the factory stereo system.

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