Car stereo removal and GROM Car Bluetooth intsllation guide: Volvo 01-06 HU650 HU850

Below are the general guidelines for connecting GROM-BT3 interface to the Volvo 01-06 HU650 HU850 car stereo. This particular car is Volvo S60 2008. Our posted car stereo removal instructions help with aftermarket adaptor install projects, iPod, XM, USB, Sirius, MP3, Bluetooth, video or audio when stereo removal is needed for installation.

Disclaimer: We are not liable for any damages acquired during your installation process. If you are not sure in your ability to perform the installation please seek the help of the professional.

  1. Use a plastic panel removal tool to pry off the trim around the shifter. There are 4 tabs towards the bottom of the shifter panel.
  2. Remove the trim around the shifter
  3. Pull the trim piece upwards and remove the trim panel.
  4. Remove the trim panel
  5. After shifter trim panel has been removed, 2 screws under the center console will be exposed.
  6. Locate two screws under the center console
  7. Use a torque bit to remove the 2 screws on the bottom of the center console.
  8. Remove the two screws on the bottom  of the center console
  9. Now that the screws are removed, pull the console towards the shifter to expose wiring behind radio.
  10. Expose the wiring behind the radio
  11. Use the provided P-Taps to tap into the RED and Brown wire on the radio harness. Connect the Yellow wire from the harness to the RED wire and the Black wire to the Brown wire.
  12. Connect provided P-Taps
  13. The VOL01 harness will only plug into one of the ports behind the radio.
  14. Plug-in VOL01 harness
  15. Make sure the VOL01 harness is completely secure and that it is not loose.
  16. Check VOL01 harness is not loose
  17. For those who would like to have their connection in the center console, drill a hole on top of the pocket next to the radio. Or, you can feed it into the glove box.
  18. If you would like to have  the connection in the center console
  19. Feed your connections through the hole that you have just created.
  20. Feed your connection through the hole
  21. Pull your connection to the desired length and tie a knot on top of the pocket, so that you will not keep pulling on the wire to an excess length.
  22. Pull the connector to the desired length
  23. We used a long ZipTie to feed our microphone wire to the back of the radio. There is just enough space between the gauge cluster and trim panel to complete this.
  24. Feed the microphone wire to the back of the radio
  25. Use the provided microphone mount and double sided sticky to mount the microphone in front of the gauge cluster. Please wipe down the area where you will be mounting the microphone.
  26. Mount the microphone
  27. Make sure all connections are tightly secured and mount your GROM unit behind the radio where it will clear the radio when reinstalling the radio.
  28. Mount your GROM unit
  29. Before putting everything back together, test the radio to make sure it is reading your Grom unit.
  30. Mount your GROM unit
  31. Reverse steps and ENJOY GROM AUDIO!

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