VAUX AV Cable for VLine VL2 Aftermarket Camera Integration



RCA and Video Extension Cable

For Aftermarket Backup and Front Camera Add-on

Adds AUX to VLine VL2

For VLine VL2 System


IMPORTANT: You do not need to use this cable to retain your original factory-installed cameras in your vehicle. The factory-installed cameras, including factory backup camera and other driver assist cameras, will keep working after the installation of the VLine VL2 system with no extra cables needed.

AV cable for aftermarket Backup and Front View Camera Integration for VLine VL2 Navigation, Infotainment and CarPlay / Android Auto integration system.
You need this cable if you want to integrate aftermarket backup and front view camera into your vehicle with VLine VL2 Android Navigation and Infotainment System.

The cable will also provide AUX 3.5mm connection from your VLine VL2 system, if needed.
More information about GROM VLine Infotainment System

RCA and AUX cable for VLine VL2 System

VAUX cable explainer video:

VAUX Audio Video Cable for VLine VL2 System
Q.: Do I need the VAUX cable to retain my original factory cameras such as backup and other driver assist cameras?
A.: You do not need the VAUX cable to retain your factory backup and other factory-installed driver assist cameras, they will keep working after the installation of the VLine VL2 system.

Q.: Will the VAUX cable work for VLite VT2 system?
A.: The VAUX cable will not work for the VLite VT2 system, you will need to use the C-V2BCU USB Video Cable for VLite VT2

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