Wirelinq Smart Android USB Converter Cable

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How to set up Dashlinq so Wirelinq will work properly

In order for Wirelinq to work properly with your stereo you need to make sure to follow to the setup steps:
1. Download the Dashlinq app from Google® Play Store
2. Set up the app with the plugins that you want to use. For G-Music plugin make sure to login to your Play Music account, for Spotify® plugin make sure to login to Spotify.
3. Connect Wirelinq to the stereo and to your phone. Dashlinq will automatically pop-up with the message "Open Dashlinq when this USB accessory is connected?"
4. Mark "Use by default for this USB accessory" and click "OK"
IMPORTANT: Disconnect and reconnect your phone and Wirelinq after you click "OK".


Can I use Wirelinq without Dashlinq app?

Dashlinq sends command to the stereo let it know that USB accessory is connected. Therefore this time Dashlinq app is requred for Wirelinq to properly communicate with the stereo.

You have to install Dashlinq app in order to use Wirelinq. You can add the shortcuts to the other music apps from Dashlinq, or exit the Dashlinq to use the USB streaming.

Will my navigation prompts (from Google or Waze Maps for example) play though car stereo with Wirelinq?

Yes you will be able to hear navigation prompts via car stereo speakers when you will use Wirelinq with your phone. The music will mute upon the incoming prompt, and will get back to normal once the navigational prompt is finished.

What music apps are integrated within Dashlinq?

Spotify, Web Radio, Google Music and Local (stored on the phone) music plugins are currently available within Dashlinq. Note that for Spotify to use within Dashlinq you need to have paid Spotify account. Google Play Music (G-Music) plugin will work with the music that is purchased on uploaded on to Google Play

Can I use other music apps to play the music?

Yes, you can use USB streaming to play the music from other apps. To do that simply exit Dashlinq app upon connection to Wirelinq, and launch the music app that you want to use.

USB Streaming

What is USB streaming and car I use it with Wirelinq?

USB streaming allows you to stream any music apps from your phone via USB connection. NOTE that not all Android phones and OS support USB streaming.

What controls are available when I use USB streaming?

Basic controls are available when you use USB streaming: track up and down. No text display is supported with USB streaming.

How do I use USB streaming?

To use USB streaming simply exit from Dashlinq app upon connection to Wirelinq, and open any other music app that you want to use.

Firmware update

Where can I access the firmware update for my Wirelinq?

You can check the availability of the new firmware at Wirelinq firmware update page

How can I update the firmware on Wirelinq?

Please refer to Wirelinq firmware update page for firmware update steps